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what are 3 rd shift hours for Certified nursing assistants?

by tom44 on June 12, 2014

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Question by sha200805: what are 3 rd shift hours for Certified nursing assistants?
im starting my cna course soon (just waiting on my grant) and want to work 3rd shift because i need to help with daily chores as far as picking and dropping my younger siblings off and sometimes caring for my great grandmother .What are the normal hours for a 3rd shift cna in chicago and what is the average salary for a 3rd shift cna?

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Answer by jims mom
salaries vary by location so in Chicago it will pay a lot more than St. Louis -3rd shift hours vary by place of employment but usually 11p to 7a. Why are you paying for cna class ? Most nursing homes pay you to take the course & for the same money for the cna class you can get your L.P.N. just some more food for thought !!! Be a leader the medical field is the place to be for job security !!

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