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What am I supposed to do, I am having such a hard time finding a CNA job!!!?

by tom44 on August 26, 2012

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Question by Tu Latina 😉: What am I supposed to do, I am having such a hard time finding a CNA job!!!?
I live in Miami if you’re wondering
I did the CNA course, and I took he exam and have been issued a license. The problem is that I have no experience and I really don’t know what to do. I need to work now!!! I was planning on working and saving up money for a laptop and books, since I want to start college in the springtime. But I am falling behind schedule and have no I dea about what o do… Any tips???
And I want to go to school to be an RN..

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Answer by Angel
Wow…i am really shocked that you are having such a hard time finding a job as a CNA. CNA jobs are usually very easy to get.

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3 thoughts on “What am I supposed to do, I am having such a hard time finding a CNA job!!!?

  1. Paul S says:

    Finding a job is a task that takes dedication.

    1. Apply everywhere that a CNA would work. Even nursing homes.
    2. Fill out applications in black ink with block print that is easy to read. If you can’t print well, practice till you can.
    3. If you get an interview, be prepared. Look your best. Wear a skirt and blouse. Not jeans and a t-shirt.
    4. Keep a 3″ X 5″ card on every place you apply, if they say they will let you know in a few weeks, write that down. If they don’t contact you, you contact them by letter. Tell them you are still interested in working for them, and you are awaiting their response. When you do this, they know that you really want a job. Fact: the desire to work trumps no experience.
    5. If you get an interview, send a card thanking them for taking the time to interview you, and say how impressed you were with their facility and how excited you are at the prospect of working there.
    6. If you get a job offer, take it. Even if it isn’t really what you wanted and it doesn’t pay much, it is a job and you are making money. Furthermore, it is easier to find another job when you are already employed.

    Hope these recommendations help you. If you keep pestering these people they will remember you when they have an opening. Compare
    what I’ve recommended with just going in, filling out an application and handing it to some secretary.

    Good luck. Finding a job is hard work.

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  3. tattoo lover says:

    i would suggest to apply at nursing homes and assistant living homes. just do a quick google search for them in your area and a bunch should pop up.

    also places that help people with developmental dissabilities. (sorry can’t spell)

    if you have tried all the hospitals…

    try craigslist

    try UCP ( United Cerebral Palsy) i work for them, it may not be CNA status but you do get experience working with people with disbilities and it’s very hands on, you will use your CNA skills ( i promise)

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