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what 4-5 college course can i get in the philippines?

by tom44 on November 9, 2013

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Question by annalisha_rox: what 4-5 college course can i get in the philippines?
i was born in bronx, new york and later transfered here in my moms country, im planning to take up veterinary medicine but i want to make sure that i will really be succesful and be a vet in usa, but i want a course that is just 4-5 an animal lover and what can you recommend a job for me w/ a high salary?

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Answer by cloudstrife1ph
health related careers in the philippines (human and animals) are mostly 4 years or more except cna (no lvn and associate nursing). but not all courses are possible to be credited here in the u.s. if you are going to be an international graduate, better check first if usa can accept that country’s curriculum since you said you want to study there but practice here in the u.s.

if you want a high salary, nursing is the best way since you can go in and out of the u.s. and you only need a degree so it’s easier for you to work here. board of u.s. board of nursing accepts curriculum of phil. nursing. in terms of salary, let’s say california RNs lowest salary is $ 30/hr and highest is $ 120/hr if you have a specialty field.

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