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We Use Math – Introduction

by tom44 on March 25, 2013

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When will I use this? Meet professionals from a number of exciting fields who use mathematics in their jobs every day. Computer programmers, nuclear research…
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25 thoughts on “We Use Math – Introduction

  1. Jack Simpson says:

    True, but if you want to be a scientist, engineer,? etc you need maths. I say that as someone doing biology and who avoided maths all my life but its so useful and essential for everything I’m having to teach myself it again.

  2. Stayoffhereable says:

    @Stayoffhereable open mind*? my bad:p

  3. Stayoffhereable says:

    if you are going to college, math is important, however beyond college, it depends on what you do. I say just have a very open and learn what you can, you never know how far you? will get with it:)

  4. david mehta says:

    A bunch of talking heads.Not very convincing.SHOW how mathematics is used in various fields.For? example,its very common in most areas of electrical engineering and computer graphics algorithm design.

  5. Usitha Ranatunge says:

    0:26 Denzel? washington 😀

  6. tushar1319 says:

    Hello, I am a recent high school graduate (advanced regents diploma? with honors). I have a gpa of 3.5 and an Act of 23. USA does not have enough STEM graduates. I am thinking about going to CUNY (New York City) and major in biology with a minor? in economics/math/physics. Can I do a double major? How hard are these courses?

  7. almeera0511 says:

    This? is gonna be my furture major! 🙂 Excited 🙂

  8. pb19111 says:

    No, that’s not true! Don’t let some elitist math-head tell you that. There are plenty of great careers that require little to no math. Some mathematically oriented people may want you to believe that you have no future, but they only? say that to maintain their feelings of superiority.

  9. oVerLordXeRoX says:

    if you’re willing to think? than maths isn’t hard.

  10. Pirolito236 says:

    no? future for me….

  11. Louis Dam-Mikkelsen says:

    Just keep? at it and stay passionate about mathematics and optimistic about your future in a career related to math.

  12. MrMraggies1996 says:

    I? love Mathematics, and very passioniate about it. I have a 85 in Math right know, and i need to know if i will make it majoring in Math.


  13. justlucky18 says:

    I might sound negative, but I just want to put people in respect to reality. There are always top jobs in every field. But I feel when people try to promote something, they never show you the ugly side of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Math and I am good at it that’s why I majored in it. But I have to be honest, with just a Math degree, you will have a great difficulty in landing a job in Canada. In comparison, if you did an accounting degree, you will feel much more? wanted. My 2cents

  14. justlucky18 says:

    I am a Bsc Graduate in Math? from Canada. In Canada, if you DON’T have a master or phd or get into education, it is VERY tough to get a math job. Math is not easy, you need AT LEAST a CGPA of B+ after your 4 yrs MATH degree to get in a Master program. Yes it is Math, NOT an easy econ degree. This video shows you the top jobs, but those jobs are all PHD level,&actuary is tougher than getting your CA. Any1 of you tried taking “Mathematical Proofing”? This is not calculus. Calculus is like baby Math

  15. MrMraggies1996 says:

    I want to study? Math and become a Teacher. Is math as hard as it sounds??

  16. KhaosTy says:

    Honestly, why not? A? mathematician in a position of power would be able to better understand the intricacies of the connections between the issues that face us today.

    I think that idea is the best idea I’ve ever heard.

  17. noeliukas says:

    Math is for smart people and i’m not smart? i fail at 9th grade math

  18. KhaosTy says:

    I kind of? feel like patting you on the head in a condescending manner.

    But no, I get what you mean. It’s not easy, and not everyone needs all of it.

  19. David R says:

    sounds like a plan.? Good luck

  20. MrMraggies1996 says:

    im gonna..
    major in math, and minor in Seconday Education, so? ican be a HS Math Teacher.

  21. pb19111 says:

    The only thing that’s beautiful about math is when I? won’t have to take it anymore, it has brought me nothing but trouble.

  22. David R says:

    no its not as hard as it may appear?

  23. David R says:

    Depending on how good your professors are, you may or may not have to work? harder than you thought to do well. But it comes down to, do you enjoy it enough to work hard at it to pass you class with an A? Also, even though being a math professor is a very rewarding job, you can not be guaranteed a position because it is competitive field, so pair you math degree with another science minor or major in a field you enjoy to make it easier to get a jobwhenyougraduate.

  24. MrMraggies1996 says:

    I love Math, and i want to be a Math Professor. So? majoring in Math is not as hard as i think, if i enjoy it then i will do good in it?

  25. David R says:

    There is nothing wrong with being slow, as long as you are accurate. I mean maybe it can be hard to finish a test in time but that is why you practice, so you know right? away what the next step is given a scenario.

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