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Watch Landscape Drainage Memphis Tn Landscaping Drainage Problems Landscaper – Landscaper Memphis

by tom44 on November 12, 2014

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CWA Championship Wrestling presents a classic squash match featuring the debut of jobber Pat Hutchenson versus heavyweight (Outlaw) Ron Bass, who has a 93-po…
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8 thoughts on “Watch Landscape Drainage Memphis Tn Landscaping Drainage Problems Landscaper – Landscaper Memphis


    I just wish he had been more vicious with those cowboy boots?

  2. jaxbeachguitars says:

    squash match hell…this was tomato sauce!!!

  3. cuteguy65 says:

    Pat Hutcheson is only a boy vs a man. No competition !

  4. north5880 says:

    Ever notice Ron Bass’ sweet sounding gruffy voice as he lifts Pat with that
    suplex move.

  5. 4 Eyed Animation says:

    if that ring was any bouncier it would be a carnival ride…

  6. Donna Lynn says:

    Love the Tarzan-style singlet and contrasting colored trunks. Great 70s
    jobber look. I like Bass’ high-waisted trunks too.

  7. Mike Slave says:

    Wish Ron Bass prolonged the beating on this jobber. Like Hutchinsons jobber

  8. north5880 says:

    He really wore down Pat Hutcheson in the second part of the match as the
    clip reached the 2 minute mark. When he did the suplex, that wore down Pat
    hard and the match was ready to end. Great rare footage of Ron Bass from
    1979 and what would lead him to be one of the best wrestlers as the ’80s
    started. That Leo Sayer hairstyle on Pat didn’t work for this match.

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