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Washington Focused on Spending Cuts or Jobs?

by tom44 on July 9, 2012

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Cenk Uygur discusses whether our Obama and the congress are focused on cutting spending or job creation? Facebook: Subscribe: TYT Mobile: Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk’s Blog:
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24 thoughts on “Washington Focused on Spending Cuts or Jobs?

  1. august3270 says:

    tyt? is intoxicating!!!!!!!!!

  2. nhwapshott says:

    My Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics is published in October by W.W.Norton.? Read an extract at:­keyneshayek/

    Nicholas? Wapshott

  3. hbcali20 says:

    campaign LESS, work on helping our nation’s troubles more. Wanna see why i suggest so?? Well go to my uploads and watch the 4 unemployment vids i uploaded. RAW vid? and just a small fraction of what it is really like out there for me and MANY others. Are you listening Mr. President???

  4. SSky06 says:


    When did I bring up housing value?

    And yes, the auto industry would have restructured? without the bailouts. But they would have laid off hundreds of thousands in the process. The bailouts helped prevent that. Look, I’m not a huge fan of the bailouts either. The way the money was regulated was a joke. It would have been much more effective if someone had cared to regulate it’s usage. But it was a still a necessary evil to prevent the core of the country from imploding overnight.

  5. Salvysahagun says:

    I? think Cenk should mention that the only people predicting the crash where Austrians…

  6. Salvysahagun says:

    Spending to create jobs only? creates bubbles.
    Housing market anyone?

  7. shalcall says:

    Yes, I did, and you responded, “We’ve been using Keynes modeled economics in the US for years and? that did not advert the crisis.” You’ve exhibited that you don’t understand what Keynesian economics is, but you assume that the U.S. has been using it for years. ? So, I question whether or not you understand what Austrian economics says. It is more than just a “more pessimistic view of the economy.”

    The fact is, praxeology rejects empiricism, so how can theory be proved?

  8. lapiz4azulli says:

    Solution to fixing this country problem, is voting another candidate of a different political orginisation. PEOPLE STOP VOTING THE? DEMWITS AND REPUTARDS, VOTE A DIFFERENT PARTY. PERIOD!!!

  9. PerfectionObsessive says:

    stop making a red herring and get back on topic. You said Austrian Economics was “wishful? thinking”

  10. shalcall says:

    “. . . they decide the private sector cannot provide the same services at the same or higher quality.”

    NO, NO, NO. You’re another troglodyte arguing against something entirely different. That is not Keynes’s argument, that is not what he lays out in his general theory. His theory implies using fiscal means to push up aggregate demand during liquidity traps.? He does not advocate deficit spending or nationalizing industry during times of full employment.

    Go READ his book

  11. PerfectionObsessive says:

    Yes, they are keynesian, Keynesian economics involves the government interfering when they decide that the private sector cannot provide the same services at the same or higher quality. This injects the economy with goods and services or even lump sums of cash like it was with TARP.

    Are? you sure you know what you’re talking about?

    Keynesian make claims the the government can ease economic downturn.

    Now don’t change the subject, you were talking BS about how Austrian economics

  12. shalcall says:

    By your definition, the military is Keynesian, Medicaid and Medicare are Keynesian, and the post office is Keynesian. They are not. I’m not making excuses for anything. You simply don’t know what Keynesian economics is. You keep defining it as any government spending. I can’t? recite Keynes’s entire book for you in 500 characters. Go read it, then read Krugman, or Stiglitz for a modern take.

    How can you criticize something when you don’t even know what it is?

  13. PerfectionObsessive says:

    the fact that jobs are created and money is provided? through government intervention makes it keynesian, get a grip. You’re still trying to make excuses while you haven’t tried to disprove anything nor provide evidence for any point.

  14. shalcall says:

    Actually there has been analysis done to compare loans through GSE’s versus private banks, as well as MBSs bought by Fannie and Freddie compared to other mortgage lenders and investment banks (like Lehman? Bors. – where are they now?). Like I said, when it comes to the facts you seem developmentally challenged.

    For starters, try reading the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report by published congress. “By 2005 and 2006, Wall Street was securitizing 1/3 MORE loans than Fannie and Freddie.”

  15. VerbalKint1971 says:

    Jeez, don’t you get it TYT?

    The more money the rich get, the more they will create jobs to create goods & services to then sell to……oh wait, that is why supply side economic’s is called voodoo economics. It presumes? the listener isn’t smart enough to follow the syllogism OR that rich people got that way making products that can’t be sold because middle class consumers have no money to spend.

  16. 2010GOP says:

    @shalcall: ? Here you go. Now can you STFU?

    nytimes . com / 2008 / 10 / 05 / business / 05fannie . html

  17. 2010GOP says:

    @shalcall: Because? of your profound ignorance, you can’t grasp that it wasn’t just about loans Fannie/Freddie “hold”, it was largely about the products they developed, re-packaged & sold. But of course, as you’ve so accurately demonstrated several times, you don’t grasp the basics.

    I’m uncertain if an analysis was ever done to compare loans thru GSEs versus private banks who hold their own paper. Those are typically very strict loans as the bank can’t afford the direct risk, obviously

  18. shalcall says:

    National parks and NASA are? not interventionist Keynesian policy. Maybe you should look up Keynesian economics before you start talking about it. While the bailout for GM, TARP, and the stimulus were theoretically Keynesian, they actually weren’t from a practical standpoint since reduced state and local government spending offset those programs to the point that total government spending remained flat.

  19. shalcall says:

    Everyone does business with them, and yet you seem? developmentally challenged when it comes to hard numbers comparing their amount of toxic assets to the rest of the industry. What percentage of the sub prime market and the alt-a market did Fannie and freddie hold in the run up to the collapse? Why won’t you answer that question?

  20. PerfectionObsessive says:

    I gave you? evidence which weren’t empirical, you simply ignored it like the ignoramus that you are.

    And if you even want to ignore the interventionist policies we had with GM, TARP, many government jobs such as NASA (though I do support this program) or national parks, you are deluded in not being able to see how those many programs failed to ease economic downturns.

  21. hbcali20 says:

    i spent last week holding up a darn sign wit my job history on it, next? to a freeway. Traditional job search is not working. Over 150 i have applied to in 6months. I panhandle for change just so i can buy toothpaste. I emailed Obama with a link to my vid on here. It shows me and my sign.

  22. hbcali20 says:

    check out my vid on here titled: “America Unemployed.” i also have a few on my playlist which are not of me, but other news related? to the economy.

  23. hbcali20 says:

    i spent last week holding up a darn sign wit my job history on it, next to? a freeway. Traditional job search is not working. Over 150 i have applied to in 6months. I panhandle for change just so i can buy toothpaste. I emailed Obama with a link to my vid on here. It shows me and my sign.

  24. 2010GOP says:


    “VIRTUALLY EVERY HOME LENDER relies on Fannie & Freddie to grease the? wheels of? the mortgage market. VIRTUALLY EVERY WALL STREET BANK does business with them. Investors around the world own $5.2 Trillion of the debt securities backed by them”

    SEC – March 2008: “Borrowers were late making payments on $338.4 billion worth of Fannie and Freddie loans plus the $5.5 trillion of loans guaranteed by Fannie and Freddie suggests a surge in delinquencies may continue”

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