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wanting to find a job in las vegas..?

by tom44 on April 1, 2014

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Question by chinadoll071512004: wanting to find a job in las vegas..?
Can anytime tell me how easy or hard it is to get a job in las vegas?Hotels is what my background is in.

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Answer by Family Guy Rules
Las Vegas has casinos

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6 thoughts on “wanting to find a job in las vegas..?

  1. sabrina_missy says:

    I moved here from Colorado. I used,, Yahoo hot jobs, the Review Journal ( local paper), and These are just a few websites that are available for applying for jobs. Be sure to mention in your resume when your anticipated move will be. If it is a chain motel that you apply for they may be able to hold the interview where you live.
    You can apply online and arrange for a phone interview.
    You may also need to get a non-gaming/ gaming sheriff’s card, your health card (if you are around food), and/or your TAM card ( tobacco and alcohol).These cards are just something that has to be done when you get here. Make sure you ask over the phone which if any cards you will need. All 3 cards run about $ 105.00.You can also check out Nevada job Connect. Nevada Job Connect can help you pay them. They list employment for the welfare office and are often a good source of jobs.

  2. LostVega$ says:

    go to:

    Or to any casino.

    But without having a previous job in the area. Most of them won’t consider you. Get a job someplace else first.

  3. RunSueRun says:

    Go to the hotel during a slow hour and ask for the manager.
    When you see the manager, then ask if the hotel is hiring. It’s that simple. Be direct if you want to work.

  4. Lisa W says:

    Have you tried job websites like Hotjobs,Monster, Careerbuilder and Craigslist? You could search and apply for jobs on these websites. You could also search for jobs on websites like Simply Hired and Indeed. You can find more information at

  5. joshrocksvegas says:

    Try hotels and casinos on the strip. Youll get good money. Try working at a station casino too. Like maybe Bolder, Sunset, or Red Rock. There are lots to choose from. You probally wont find many just regular hotles but if your on the strip, which is a very big hot spot for tourists, youll get money, and a job.

  6. todd says:

    Go out to the dude ranch- Ofcourse you’ll have to submit to an AIDS TEST.

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