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[VEDA 04] The Best Jobs In The World

by tom44 on April 18, 2013

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19 thoughts on “[VEDA 04] The Best Jobs In The World

  1. Kurck Gustavson says:

    Een blauwe tong is niet zo raar als je met een blote buik buiten gaat filmen? xD

  2. yrpgullwings says:

    Ah the hunt for a job. Such a fun experience? *cough*. I know what you mean by “don’t stand a chance against the others”, but you shouldn’t think of it like a group process. Because it’s not, it’s individual. You just have to show them that you’re the right person for the job, not that you’re better than the others 😉

  3. eenish says:

    You should? apply too all of them 😀 believe in yourself!

  4. Jessie Carty says:

    LOL 🙂 This made me smile. Even after? a degree years ago, and then going back for a graduate degree I still can’t find my dream job!

  5. BloggedLifeNina says:

    Going to Aussie Land would have been so cool. I would have chosen between Chief Funster and Lifestyle Photographer, leaning more towards Lifestyle Photographer and probably deciding to apply for that one because I actually know a few people in Melbourne who could actually help me integrate really well and show? me to local treasures.

  6. lilyenc says:

    cool wigs and? outfits!
    haha “chief funster”. what a job title.
    the jobs all sound… really australian though? xD the wildlife caretaker/ park ranger/ outback adventurer jobs are so steve irwin.

  7. crimsong19 says:

    I think? you could handle the Funster and Photographer positions! 😀

  8. Ben Roberts says:

    MA or Phd’s are for? cool kids who like wigs 😉

  9. SweeneySays says:

    CHIEF FUNSTER. I WANT THIS JOB. Except I have to focus on my whole school finishing thing first. One step at? a time.

  10. SpeakMoreMouthWords says:

    that is one heck of a buzzer sound? effect

  11. RealityVlogger says:

    You should still? apply! You never know.

  12. nenalyzed says:

    Seriously though, you’ll feel so much better once the project is done! (it’s so much easier to watch from the sidelines while shouting encouragements… if I’d be in your position I’d be watching video after video again. ‘Just one more’, ‘this is going to be the last one’, ‘that one was too sad, I need another one to lift my? spirits’, ‘oh look! that person just posted a new video!’ ‘this is definitely going to be the last one!’. It’s a slippery slope…

  13. haleysisland says:

    Oh man, I think we should have a procrastinator competition or something because seriously.. I don’t think I can be beat… I’ve been putting this thing off ALL day & it’s due tomorrow! lol Definitely starting is the hardest? thing.. I keep saying “OK!” & opening the instructions again, but then it’s so haaaard! haha, so I watch another video.. (there’s always another video to watch) So yes, I will say “OK!” again, & try to focus. Good luck on your sleeping! haha At least it’s almost FRIDAY! 🙂

  14. nenalyzed says:

    Go work on your school project! You can do it! Starting to work on it is the worst part, once you’re busy you forgot why you felt the need to procrastinate in the first? place! (wishful thinking here). I’m the biggest procrastinator in the universe. In my case I should go to bed but I don’t want to leave the internet just yet.

  15. haleysisland says:

    Wow, that’s a heavy Masters! I’m studying Mobile & Social Media Communication and also Video Production. That’s after a LOOOOONG series of changing directions over and over… So, I probably should have graduated about 5 times over by now, but it’s finally happening.

    And yea, responsibility IS scary, I do much better motivating myself (if? I could ever find a MINUTE to edit a video together!) actually, I’m seriously procrastinating a big school project RIGHT NOW! AHHH!

  16. nenalyzed says:

    My two choices would be Lifestyle Photographer and Chief Funster (the other options are obviously not working for me XD) and if I really had to make a choice I’d probably go for the Chief? Funster because I don’t have that much experience with photography and it wouldn’t be so nice to find out I can’t take proper pictures when I get a job as a photographer 🙂

  17. nenalyzed says:

    I like the idea of creating our own jobs 😀 And I guess the responsibility makes it rather scary. I’m doing a Master’s in Western Literature. I’m not exactly there yet but graduation is definitely getting closer and closer.
    I? love the brown curly wig a lot too 😀 What do you study again?

  18. haleysisland says:

    hahaha I LOVE this video! (also, the brown curly wig is my favorite) 🙂 I think we should create our own jobs. Even with those awesome job titles, I hate the feeling of being responsible to someone else, you know?… That’s cool you’re graduating soon! I still have a year left..? ughhh.. what’s you study concentration?

  19. iBug says:

    Deciding between those 6 awesome jobs isn’t easy. If I had to chose one, I’d apply for “Outback Adventurer”. Although, exploring Melbourne as “Lifestyle Photographer” would be cool too. Hmmm… I don’t want to be too greedy, but can’t I have both jobs ? 😀

    “I’m just so not an animal person.” *BEEEP* LOL, I didn’t expect that;? that was a great idea !

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