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Vancouver, Washington?

by tom44 on May 1, 2014

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Question by Tanya M: Vancouver, Washington?
Can anyone tell me what it’s like to live in Vancouver, Washington? Cost of living, safe areas, jobs etc.
what neighborhoods are nice, low crime, decent people, not too expensive

Best answer:

Answer by arrow1940
All I can tell you is it’s a clean city in what I believe is the nicest part of the country — The great northwest.

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One thought on “Vancouver, Washington?

  1. Kenny D says:

    I think it’s a good place to live if you work in Washington but most of the jobs are in Portland. If you work in Oregon you will have to pay their income tax. Washington does not have an income tax. On the other hand, Washington has a very high sales tax and Oregon does not have a sales tax. So the ideal situation is to live and work in Vancouver, Washington and do all your shopping in Portland, Oregon.

    Edit: This profile of Vancouver, Washington might help with answers to the rest of your question.

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