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US Health Care: Win, Fail or Scam? Truth About Medical System in America, | Truth Talks

by tom44 on May 10, 2013

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Friend us: US Health Care Scam? Truth About Medical System in America | Truth Talks Psychetruth News Correspondent…
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25 thoughts on “US Health Care: Win, Fail or Scam? Truth About Medical System in America, | Truth Talks

  1. jimo moon says:


  2. jimo moon says:

    I changed my diet and worked out for only six weeks,? I dropped 30 lbs, and I have more muscle, and yes I quit eating so much crap food! 🙂

  3. shaktitp says:

    If you seriously want? to get rid of fat quickly, you should search google for “Blistering Fat Loss”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  4. Vic L says:

    Then to top if off, the medical industry has conditioned the public to seek medications for all kinds of symptoms (especially pain, but even benign problems like minor viruses) and surgeries including elective cosmetic surgeries (breasts, liposuction, weight-loss surgery). And the? medicines that are relentlessly pushed on the public are full of bad side effects, look at the problems from Vioxx and the statin drugs. We are in a lose-lose society where doctors and the gov’t both fail us.

  5. Vic L says:

    I think Corina’s comment about health being interrelated is right on target. Life in interrelated. The American health system is shot because: we eat profit-making crap that big businesses sell us, we breathe toxins in the air and drink it in the water because we don’t want to hurt business by making them clean up their act, and we don’t exercise because we are tied up in the entertainment business via cable, internet, and communication systems.? .

  6. Aliceson Soto says:

    Ride a? bicycle! 0=)

  7. Aliceson Soto says:

    Nice boots buddy hehe ;)?

  8. Nicolas Cage says:

    Why is this guy dressed as a cowboy? ?

  9. Angel Martinez Martinez says:

    What system? Is there a medical or health system in? America? I thought it was a bunch of doctors groupped or individually trying to make money out of people’s suffering.

  10. mitzaaaa887 says:

    Theese concepts are mostly right…but still? there are some companies that want to make a change for the better, for examply my healthcareinsurance company is quite fair and affordable.
    Take a look at a few offers just as an example …

    Link : cpaway.afftrack. com/click?aid=25579&linkid=B46­846

    (it worked for me)

  11. Steve Gongos says:

    Someone? needs medical treatment, yet they have to go into economic servitude FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE? Do you find that acceptable? $15,000 for ONE NIGHT in a hospital (for some? treatments). Look up “f*cked up” in the dictionary and you’ll see “U.S. health care”. It’s beyond inhuman.

  12. mbb03f says:

    The capitalist system of success money and power in america has collapsed. with the collpased economy and no jobs of course people will get sick not only physicially? but, mentally!

  13. mbb03f says:

    The problem is alot of things not only focusing on treatment.? Everything is related. With a down economy people lead to more depression,eating worse etc. Without proper jobs and healthcare the world is screwed.

  14. mbb03f says:

    Without the expensive overpriced? healthcare system america would be bankrupt. The healthcare system keeps people poor. American goverment does not care about the wellbeing of its citizens. Millions of americans have no healthcare coverage and it is a shame. I am lucky to leave this country asap.

  15. WolfsburgWarehouse says:

    Taylor Swift’s Dirty Little Secret Will Make You Sick by TheAlexJonesChannel
    Taylor Swift just announced a sponsorship deal with the love of her live Diet Coke. feels that she should be made aware of the dangers of aspartame the main sweetener in diet coke which is linked to many adverse health effects.

  16. Daniel Burdick says:

    Doctor Bellonzi is so healthy. Looks healthier than Jack LaLanne. Where did Jack make any mistakes in his program in retrospect? Doctor describes in a nuanced way the difference between a drug and a non-drug chemical. In nature in plant-medicine and plan- food there’s a gradient or general differentiation where some plants are good food,some are medicinal, drugs, and poisons. Alkaloids such as quinine have Nitrogen (whereas most “Psych Meds” have chlorine or? fluorine). Indoles such as psilocin.

  17. TheNatureLova1 says:

    Keep it real. You go girl! We need this Truth just to combat the bulshit that comes from most other sources. We got to work for Truth and Wellness. Look at all? the violence, disease, and misinformation. We all are Divine. Lets Live This Miracle called Life. Whose with me?! Now let me take a lil nap.

  18. ariues says:

    what a phenomenal? woman

  19. ariues says:

    the eugenicist-progressives are committing genocide against a large portion of the world both in the United States? and in the obvious cases abroad…

  20. Cecilia Archuleta says:

    I remember when 7up was trying to put antioxidants in their sodas. That was a? hoot.

  21. Cecilia Archuleta says:

    In reference to your question about IQ in the states: This country doesn’t prioritize education as an investment in the? future.

  22. MrHubcap21 says:

    Great job.? Very informative

  23. MightyPhalus says:

    Your friends are idiots.? Replace them.

  24. labobo says:

    The over-subscription of antibiotics in america will also cause problems for the rest of the world.
    Drug resistance diseases do not tend to respect borders.?

  25. labobo says:

    Baffles me how whiney americans are when they get sick. “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, give me some medicine or i will sue your ass!”

    They do not even allow their own body the time it takes to start fighting the disease.

    What worries me even more is that the rest of the planet doesn’t seem to care. America should have been ordered to fix their drug resistance problem (or else)

    I don’t want to die or see my family die because americans, their stupidity and incompetence.?

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