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Urgently need info on various trades and Job Corps!

by tom44 on November 17, 2013

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Update August 2013-This video is kind of obsolete by now. As it would turn out I never went to Job Corps anyway. A personal friend of mine back then told me …
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11 thoughts on “Urgently need info on various trades and Job Corps!

  1. Jim Jones says:

    Shut the hell up with that dumb ass comment @S0ulSp00n

  2. Nature9000 says:

    haha, thanks for the defense, I suppose. It’s all right. This is an old
    video, I was probably should update the description since I eventually
    never went to Job Corps anyway. A personal friend of mine convinced me not
    to based off something that happened to her there, and the fact that she
    still never got hired for the trade she learned. I’m on my way to getting
    an associate’s degree now, will be going back to an old college I went to,
    to get a bachelor’s.

  3. niceguyxz1 says:

    im going to cass job corp for the heavy equipment trade

  4. bssantihero says:

    My name is Aaron Masquelier, and I went to Guthrie JobCorps 08-09 and took
    PSI, was a great trade, if you’re not in job corps yet, and want some
    information on about the people, how everything is, I can give you the
    students view of the campus.

  5. MrDrake3106 says:

    My name is Bernard Drake and i am with the Guthrie Job Corps Center, my
    number is 405-879-2044. Call me to discuss Job Corps with you.

  6. MsSBaker10 says:

    Hello, my name is Ms. Baker from the Guthrie Job Corps Recruitment office
    and I am contacting you about the program. I am an Admissions Couselor and
    can answer any questions you have about the Guthrie Job Corps. Please call
    me @ 1-877-282-9934 and ask for Sarah Baker.. Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. ricky rivera says:

    for gods sake dont go to gjcc ever its horrible and dont join snitch force
    (psi)be a welder at least if you do go do mans work

  8. 8005016 says:

    While talking with a staff member is always a good option, they cannot give
    you a true view of campus from the trainee’s point of view. I went to
    Guthrie Job Corps in 2005. Job Corps is a free program. They give you all
    the things you need to get started in your life to your education, personal
    life skills, health care, etc. Your more than welcome to PM me if you would
    like to talk. But I do not recommend you going to Job Corps unless your
    completely ready to take it on.

  9. S0ulSp00n says:

    Your white, PLEASE dont go to JC you will be beaten the fuck up and no one
    will help you. All because your white, and they want you to feel guilty.

  10. Nature9000 says:

    @bssantihero Yes, please do, pm me! Although I’ve now made my decision to
    go to Kaplan College to be certified as a medical assistant, I still hold
    Guthrie open always and would love to know all about it. So if you could,
    tell me everything about it and what happened after you got out. Thanks ^_^

  11. Gabby Sanchez says:

    i like your vid!

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