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Union Jobs vs. Children’s Lives: Which side are you on?

by tom44 on November 2, 2012

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Congress has passed a billion aid package that is intended to save the jobs of thousands of teachers, nurses, and other public-sector employees. To critics who call the measure a “special interest” bill, President Barack Obama says, “I suppose if America’s children and the safety of our communities are your special interest, then it is a special interest bill.” In politics everyone claims to be on the side of the children, but who really is? Pat DeLorenzo is a parent whose daughter suffers from epilepsy. Like roughly 10000 other epileptic schoolchildren in California, eight-year-old Gianna suffers from the type of prolonged seizures that, without immediate attention, can result in brain damage or death. After witnessing the response of teachers and school nurses to one of his daughter’s life-threatening seizures, Pat DeLorenzo now believes that teachers and nurses care more about protecting union jobs than saving epileptic children. DeLorenzo feared the worst when he receive a call from his daughter’s school, informing him that she had suffered a seizure. Gianna survived that day, but DeLorenzo was outraged that school administrators had not given his daughter Diastat, a drug that stops seizures before they do permanent harm and is FDA-approved for use by laypeople. Today many schoolchildren must wait until an ambulance brings them to a hospital before they receive Diastat. That’s much too long, says DeLorenzo who supports, SB 1051, a California bill that would allow
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14 thoughts on “Union Jobs vs. Children’s Lives: Which side are you on?

  1. Prestonpdawg says:

    Unions consist of udder? IDIOTS!!!! Let me repeat that, IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. amnman says:

    WOW!! More right wing misinformation (I like to say CRAP!) just to make unions look like animals or uncaring people. Come on people… do the research… there claims are? crap!!

  3. Kenda Gammell says:

    Quick fix Hire more Nurses .Less couches.

  4. Kenda Gammell says:

    Quick fix Hire more Nurses? .Less couches.

  5. lvll138inrs says:

    all of america should become right to work. collective bargaining should be outlawed for? the public sector. do these two things and our economy would be trillions of times better.

  6. mcihak1219 says:

    WHy do UNIONS even get to speak? on this issue.

  7. UCSDEngineerDoctor says:

    Fuck the UNIONs, and? FUCK YOU OBAMA!

  8. UCSDEngineerDoctor says:

    Fuck the? UNIONS and fuck OBAMA!!!

  9. longfootbuddy says:

    close public? schools

  10. BlackRepublican2010 says:

    These unions do not represent all of America.Their membership has declined in every sector. They represent a money machine for the Democrat Party.They demand mandatory union? dues from public sector employees which not only infringe on the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech Rights of workers but they funnel the money to liberal candidates so they can get higher wages on the backs of the working class & middle class.The ends does not justify the corruption and bullying of the taxpayer & middle class

  11. megagagnon1 says:

    Just another reason why unions have to go. Auction off all school properties and hand? out vouchers. Let the free market decide wages. Let the good schools thrive and bad schools die.

  12. fleckx says:

    Get? that poor little girl some medicinal cannabis, her seizures will go away and her tumors may even begin to shrink.

  13. octopibingo says:

    Let me translate this video: “If only we spent more money, no one would ever die.”

    The truth:? If my child had a condition like this little girl, I (notice: “I”) would take responsibility and not wait for the government to be the parent.

  14. ace8842 says:

    The fact that teachers in Wisconsin would call out sick for 3 days at school to be at union protest tells you all about? where their loyalty lies.

  15. b2tama says:


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