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U of Texas @ Austin Grads on Jobs

by tom44 on April 27, 2013

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John Iadarola speaks with University of Texas at Austin graduates about their take on the job market. Ana Kasparian and Jayar Jackson discuss.
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25 thoughts on “U of Texas @ Austin Grads on Jobs

  1. zepps88 says:

    Steve Oh was the audio guy back? then?

  2. BBS77 says:

    Mr. Iadarola has come a long way.?

  3. kuunami says:

    I agree. Other than the fact that they’re both Asian, I don’t? see many similarities.

  4. kuunami says:

    0:56 – 1:20? the girl in the white is gorgeous.

  5. floatingcompassmedia says:


  6. theautomaster says:

    Come on Ana. The Asian professor looks nothing like Steve Oh. Different facial? features.

  7. communistjesus says:


  8. GoDiglet says:

    This video made me cry, I live in Austin and I’m too stupid to get into Ut. Fuck? my existence

  9. DeJach says:

    @AeroGastby Of course. And engineers don’t (usually) have to worry about the high insurance rates of those in the medical industry that take away a large chunk of change! Also they’re in a great position to hike it to The Valley and take a chance at a multi-million? dollar startup…

  10. executioner67 says:

    ana’s teetas are? gettin’ bigga

  11. flipmaya says:

    A friend of mine gave a speech at our high school graduation today. While most speakers talked about “we did it” and more, here? is the gist of what he said.
    -we are inheriting a horrible world ran by questionable people
    -chances are, we’re going to be “professional unemployed, or worse, lawyers”

  12. zero9112 says:

    Perhaps because the interviewer ask if they were optimistic or? pessimistic about the jobs available.

  13. irishmonkey640 says:

    big TITIESS,? and good interview =D

  14. Michael M says:

    People really like the? word optimistic there huh?

  15. Jaywed says:

    This is why Im going to? Uwaterloo, so that I wouldnt have to worry about this. Im in Civil Eng and I’m doing my co-op at AECOM. I feel good about my opportunities for the future….

  16. Snakekilla12 says:

    unfortunately my college gives career? services job postings to the most shit blue collar jobs.

  17. MrPlatypuslover says:

    You know, you can? just say UT. i think people will know what you’re talking about

  18. MiloDaemon says:

    What this guy said.

    I’m going to University? next year, got several friends who are already there- and they party, they fuck and they do all kinds of fun shit- but what they also do is shitloads of networking, shitloads of interaction with businesses and shitloads of extra projects.

  19. DeJach says:

    Why is it that engineers are never mentioned in these credit crisis? or job hunting issues? Oh wait…

  20. JIYkp says:

    You shouldn’t be looking for a job after you? graduate.
    Enough said.

  21. habsnsensfan says:

    Nice? hat JAyar

  22. MaicoMoon says:

    Know what kind of degree you are getting before starting school, you? dumb shits. Education is an investment, and if you squander it, then you won’t make shit, DUH.

  23. MrHav1k says:


  24. acewings221 says:


  25. DrQuijano says:

    Go into graduate studies and become a TA. They give you 50% to 100% tuition off and a stipend from 10 – 15k a year. It’s better than? being unemployed.

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