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Trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell reveals ‘a house of horrors’ CNN Reports, MSM Silent

by tom44 on July 19, 2013

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Trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell reveals ‘a house of horrors’ It was a scene the Philadelphia District Attorney called “a house of horrors.” A warning…
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25 thoughts on “Trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell reveals ‘a house of horrors’ CNN Reports, MSM Silent

  1. TheAwesomeShoeXD says:

    Oh, please. You are just being silly. I’m not against abortion, just late-term shit due to the health risks it imposes on the woman. I’m glad? you think I’m attractive, but there are many other things that matter a lot more than looks.

  2. Sharkie Boardman says:

    Yeah…the abortion debate is all about managing the PR. Hitler would be household name and Pres of America if those dead jews wouldnt have made him look bad.. The only thing that is sacred in this life is the whim of women. What a woman fickles is all that matters. They give us babies so? its only fair that they should be able to turn them into glue if they feel like it. Like the lipstick and hair by the way. You is hot…and that is all that matters in this world. YOU ESS AY! YOU ESS AY!

  3. TheHolyBiblexxKJV says:

    Good video but viewers need to watch “Abortion is First Degree Murder” on Apuff Wern YouTube Channel. About 19 minutes long. This video is about abortion with? a biblical point of view. Has a amazing Abortion Counter. MUST WATCH?. Thank you.

  4. HAPPY JACKEL says:

    8 abortions! sorry ass? cumrag

  5. Samiuel Akhand says:

    this dude is a sick bastard and deserves? the same fate he did to these babies-abortion is one thing, but killing babies that are actually breathing outside the womb is murder

  6. Carson Zickefoose says:

    Jake Tapper is PROOF that an admitted, on the record liberal as he was at Slate and on Crossfire, that one can PRETTY MUCH, NOT ALWAYS leave their politics at the doorstep when they go to work. He is liberal, and he has been the toughest non-Fox News reporter on Obama. Fox has tons of conservatives who do it every day, like Bill Hemmer and Shannon Bream. Jake is a rarety; more? of his establishment liberal party-goers should aim to be at least this good. God Bless. Cars.

  7. TheAwesomeShoeXD says:

    I’m not black. I’m a mexi-germi-mix. Basically, I’m a wurst taco. Either way, I really don’t care. I don’t give two shits if the baby is white, black, brown, yellow, red, or a fucking crayon box. If it’s unwanted, it shouldn’t be born. End of story. I’m not having kids.? I’m considered a minority, but I don’t think it a loss. I think there are just more clinics in minority neighborhoods because whites often get all uppity about that kind of thing.

  8. Chaille Smith says:

    They glossed over the truth that he over medicated women, keep the murder babies? in a freezer. He was part of the Mother’s massacre in Philly.

  9. Chaille Smith says:

    As a black woman, you should be against abortion period. Before Roe vs. Wade, all abortion were in a hospital by a GYOB. It was Planned Parenthood ( at the time American Birth Control League) sercetly sterilizing black & minority women. Named 1 abortion clinic in a rich white neighborhood open today.?

  10. PBSmithy says:

    He? isn’t guilty of anything more than any other abortion doctor is. Life is not transmitted to the baby by the outer walls of a woman’s vagina. It is just as alive inside the womb, as it is outside the womb. There is no difference between killing babies inside or outside the womb.

  11. Robyn Withrow says:

    Wtfuck!!! Who picked? the intro song????

  12. TheAwesomeShoeXD says:

    There is? a reason late term abortions are illegal. They give all abortions a bad name.

  13. GameHater says:

    That’s really, really cold and fucked up. There is a special place in hell for you also. We’ll keep it warm for you, myself and Dr.? Gosnell.

  14. Christian Walz says:

    What Gosnel did was practically incomprehensible and was way, way beyond the pale. But at the same time, you’ve presented yourself as someone who is out for revenge and would jump at the opportunity to play the role of the executioner……and if so,? how is that not a murderous mindset?

  15. Christian Walz says:

    Wow,… seems as if you’re actually trying to find some way, ANY way you can to shed a little light on such a cold-blooded and inexcusable series of murders. And in one of the worst possible ways too, wow!!!!!!…………I’m sure you’re quite proud of yourself having summed up all of your hatred so easily and straight to the point. What would really impress me, is hearing you holler that? statement out in some large public square somewhere.

  16. Pat Studer says:

    thats 8 dead niggers we didn’t have to feed, clothe or? send to prison

  17. John Puckett says:

    Any one doing abortions and killing children should get death and be put to death right away. Those babies had to suffer pain unlike anything you can comprehend. Women who have abortions should be ashamed of themselves and it should only be if the baby threatens the life of that woman and no more. It is murder and just think how GOD must be crying? when this is happening. They can all go to hell

  18. OHIORTL says:

    A video from Ohio Right to? Life about Gosnell:

  19. Kain Nosgoth says:

    Have fun in gen-pop, “Doctor” Gosnell. Many inmates will? be waiting for you. Good luck surviving every day in jail…

  20. mrkjsmooth16 says:

    This one black woman admits to having 8 abortions, yet stupid? negroes talk about black on black crime. The real criminals are the baby killers!

  21. mrkjsmooth16 says:

    Wow these women need to charged as? accompliances to murder

  22. Muhammed ibn Salaam says:

    Don’t forget to check the microwave, there might be something brown and crispy knocking? on its window!


    Yes I agree whole heartedly.To spend the rest of his life in jail is better than a wated appeal and he will be marked with a huge circle and his hell does await that smug sob honestly believed he was doing the women a favor.I get non? sympathetic when i hear of one women having eight abortions.Then cries on national tv.Close your dam legs or was it and is it a drug crazed death hotel unbelievable.I to want our saviour to come now.He is overdo and he will be angry OH MAN ANGRY GOD BLESS YOU PEACE!

  24. VeganMotorcyclePilot says:

    Any pro-lifers want to make a deal???
    Watch (MeatVideo dotcom-Factory Farm abuses make hunting seem nice) and go Vegan, I’ll never have a abortion?

    Ive considered adoption since tons of kids-teens are in foster care, also am? for human population control, look up Earth Clock for scary stats. Reducing prolonged suffering in is important. Vegans also drastically reduce hunger (every 10lbs corn/grain fed to force-bred birds/pigs only gives 1lb cooked flesh in return) and helps health/environment

  25. AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

    3 of 3 comments. Not only will the mother be unable? to take care of the child, you’ve got the likelihood of incest, death to the mother in childbirth, and the likelihood that she’s already sterile. Why should a young child who barely got her period undergo forced sterilization? Abortions save lives in the case of young rape. The pregnancies are filled with defects, and usually the only way to save the womans life is by aborting the fetus You can’t make big decisions w/o knowing the consequences.

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