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Town Hall in Los Angeles

by tom44 on March 2, 2013

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President Obama conducted a town hall gathering at the Miguel Contreras Learning Center in Los Angeles on March 19, 2009. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis were in attendance. (public domain)
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22 thoughts on “Town Hall in Los Angeles

  1. confederate197217 says:

    The only thing obama is working on is keeping himself rich? an the rich just that rich then he walks on the rest of us like we are dirt and takes away our rights to own guns and dont care what happens to us as long as we are left poor i mean come on just to own a 15 year old truck in my case you half to walk away from your family just to work 16 hours a day or two full time jobs just to aford a 15 year

  2. csshanelink286 says:

    hey! whatever you people are afraid of were gonna use it against you? because you are all in complete control and so theres nothing to worry bout cuz you got plenty ok got it good!

  3. NextLevelEnt1 says:


    The 44th President of the United States of America “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” The greatest black man… that ever lived!


    VOTE OBAMA 2012

    REV. 16:16

    There will be “nowhere to hide” once Israel is attacked! God’s… promise to man! The battle… begins. OBAMA, was born for this very day! The “Son Of Man” is coming home to where it begun, JERUSALEM.


    VOTE OBAMA 2012

  4. elena danilova says:

    Holla! Have you considered – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my cooworker got beautiful Six pack? abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  5. M Podemski says:

    @WESTHOLLYWOOD101, what do you think of the traitor in charge now?? LOL..NDAA takes effect on the? 3rd of March 2012..if you are a complicit idiot, just like the other morons below who use stupid created arguments using labels like dem or repub..they are the SAME CROOKS!! NOW YOU have NO constitutional hows that HOPE and CHANGE working out..KEEP HOPING!!! THIS MAN and the ones prior ARE TRAITORS..

  6. davelantor says:


  7. JohnnyBoy721 says:

    everyone now thinks the democrats are ruining the country but u probably think that because u? listen to rush limbaugh and fox news seriously they poisen everyones mine Im sorry they poisened yours

  8. Carlos Mercado says:

    Democrats are ruining our country. I do not want our country to head towards socialism or communism. With the government passing things? such as Cash for Clunkers and trying to pass government health care to “keep private health insurance companies honest”, it’s only ruining the fundamental ideals that our founding fathers created. Please, let us lead a conservative approach to overturn such radical ideas that will hurt our country and what it stands for.

  9. s6u6r6f6 says:

    F-ing? marxistbastard…worst thing to ever happen to America.

  10. AirAzonaRadioLLC says:


  11. ErikGundy says:

    grenade run!! get to the choppper!!!? Nooow!!! ha ha

  12. Eeco Rijken Rapp says:

    run to the chopper!! ahhhhh? lol

  13. samsunguitar says:

    Watch “The Obama Deception” in HQ! This is the? truth about Obama that you must know!

  14. samsunguitar says:

    WATCH CHEMtrails VIDEOS!!! They’re spraying you w/ HARMFUL CHEMICALS by planes on a daily basis, just look up to the sky if you don’t believe me, you? know tilt your head once in a while!!! These are NOT CONtrails which vaporize right away!
    Google: HOW TO STOP CHEMtrails!
    ALSO CHECK OUT: infowars. com
    IT IS the INFO that ELITE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! (like the TRUTH about VACCINES which is also part of DEPOPULATION plan!)

  15. skymandavid says:

    ?Copy And Paste This?
    ?If You? Believe?
    ?Christianity is?
    ?NOT Just A Religion?
    ?It’s? A Relationship?
    ?Let Your Lights Shine Bright?
    ?For Christ Is To Return Soon?
    ? Love Jesus ?

  16. Daniel Kay says:

    hmm… i think arnold got boo-ed when he was? introduced :S

  17. Randy Ragsdale says:

    When was the? last time we had a President holding town hall meetings to rally support behind his policies?

  18. Kaedrus says:

    jluishipolito, he needs your support and faith. I have the utmost faith that President Obama will bring us through. Just hold on,? its a big country, alot of people without jobs. Your time will come.

  19. jluishipolito says:

    I hear what you are saying Mr. Obama, but I still do not have job or real health insurance since my layoff in January. I want to believe that you will do something, I know I am doing as much as i can on a daily basis. What do you need? from me to make this happen?

  20. hillexallen says:

    No, actually I have really good? grammar. I just don’t bother to use it when I’m writing comments on YouTube.

  21. zeger88 says:

    And if you had a budget for a campain like him, there is alot of people who know even more then obama. It’s? all about the money you have, and how much media supports you.

  22. TheColombianMarine says:

    Go? Obama!

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