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Top American graduates heading to India for employment

by tom44 on June 30, 2012

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Breaking tradition, top American graduates are heading to India to find jobs and opportunity. Many believe that having experience in India is an important addition to their resume in this increasingly globalized world. Some say that its easier to find a good job in India than in the United States, as India’s economy is growing while the US economy is predicted to shrink within the next year.
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24 thoughts on “Top American graduates heading to India for employment

  1. zachgoestoeuro says:

    i am sure the degree? subjects are worthless

  2. naryaquid says:

    Thank the greedy one percent? and their Republican Corproate Toadies!

  3. marytica123 says:

    My sons recently graduated from college with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, respectively. NEITHER ONE can find a job in his field, and BOTH are working for just over minimum? wage !
    So much for the “Land of Opportunity” ! By the way, most of their classmates haven’t been able to find jobs in their fields, either. THANKS, WASHINGTON DC, FOR RUINING IT ALL !

  4. lalitadityamuktapida says:

    Americans and continental Europeans are welcome to come work in India. The English….not so much! Teehee just kidding you English bastards. Can’t you take a joke? Y’all are welcome to come work in India too.?

  5. sushantkatti says:

    Yeah, I got a lot of american friends here, they seem to love it here. There are a lot of similarities between these cultures and a hell lot of differences too but some people just know? how to blend in. I’d do the same if i was in america!

  6. TheCasao86 says:

    the uk is a disgusting country with foul? practises

  7. TheCasao86 says:

    i wouldnt disagree with? you on that bruv

  8. shinkentom says:

    Incl the asians and africans. Would’nt that be fair? Instead of just telling the asians to get? back when they (mostly) come to the west legally? Compare that to the early europeans who just hopped on boats and stole other native people’s land. Now when there are NEWER IMMIGRANTS, the slightly older immigrants want the new ones to? return? Hypocritical ….is’nt it?

  9. shinkentom says:

    I reckon everybody should go back to where they came from. All the europeans in the US, Canada, Aust and NZ should head back to where they originate from. ?

  10. mooninquirer says:

    That is contradictory, because race and family background? has to do with what someone was born with. That is the same thing as caste.

  11. mooninquirer says:

    There are too few White women available NOT because of interracial? relationships, but because some White men are hogging too many White women, without marrying them. They just use up their biological clocks. A human female can only have children between the ages of 12 and 39 on average. If a population is to increase, a woman in her prime ( in her teens ) has to matched up with a man in his prime ( probably in his 30s, who can afford to raise children ). But sexual mores prohibit this.

  12. mooninquirer says:

    I am a White man, and I do not support White nationalists, because they only serve to restrict my own freedom. I should have the right to associate with whomever I want to. I see the libertarians advocating this —- I do NOT see White nationalists. Indeed, David Duke attacked Rand Paul over his ( correct? ) statement that parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were unconstitutional. Also, I cannot afford to restrict my choices to just White females, as there are too few available.

  13. purplehaze216 says:

    Wrong – real White nationalists do not care to dominate or subdue blacks,? that is a common misconception. Instead they purely care about the advancement and ensure survivability of whites. Sounds stupid, right?

    Keep in mind only 6% of the world’s population is white – and the current white birth rate is 1.81 and dropping. We’re loosing population – not to mention the surge of non-white immigrants in white countries, as well as interracial marriages.

  14. meProudToBeCaucasian says:

    the problem is youre born in a cast system regardless of your race? or family background

  15. mooninquirer says:

    My position is somewhat unusual for a White man. Many American White nationalists identify with Hinduism. They really like? the caste system, because of its great similarity to the treatment of Black slaves, as well as the Jim Crow laws of mandatory Black segregation in the South. Indeed, David Duke believes that all of India’s problems with poverty and overcrowding are due to India NOT adhering to its caste system strongly enough. Duke visited India and wrote an article about it

  16. mooninquirer says:

    I can HARDLY start a fight in India between Hindus and Muslims. You are going to do whatever you want to do, regardless of what I or other Americans think. I am only saying this with respect to the CULTURE that America is most similar to. Christianity is very similar to Islam, and so is Buddhism. The horrible treatment of women in Hinduism is so bad that even the Zionist media in America cannot ignore it. There? have been many articles in newspapers, and TV news programs about it.

  17. mooninquirer says:

    By getting rid of the many tribal gods, Muhammad got rid of the the tribal fighting. All those who bow down to Allah as the one God are brothers and equal, regardless of their race or ancestry — so this is the opposite of the caste system in Hinduism. Right before Muhammad, widows had NO rights, and the infanticide of daughters was a common practice. Both of these things are prevalent? in Hinduism.

  18. mooninquirer says:

    Yes, I imply that I am a White person in my first comment on this very video? — ” I am no White nationalist….” I have to respect Islam and the prophet Muhammad, because he was a great social reformer, and he reversed a culture of a severe disrespect for women that existed on the Arabian peninsula. This was not Hinduism, but a tribal, polytheistic religion similar to Hinduism, from the early bronze age.

  19. abhijithero says:

    So u r palying islam card here, I bet? u r not muslim u r a white person and trying to start hindu muslim fight here.

  20. mooninquirer says:

    Korea reversed its preference for sons in only a few decades, so therefore China is likely to do this as well. This is especially true because the leaders of China realize that a shortage of women is very de-stabilizing for their country. It is harmful for India as? well, but the only way to reverse the mania for sons in India is to completely overhaul Hinduism. Gandhi tried that and he was assassinated.

  21. mooninquirer says:

    Well, I am saying this as an AMERICAN. And you reveal an animosity toward the Chinese. Before, you claimed there would be no more between India and China. The cultural similarity between Americans and Chinese is that Christianity is very similar to Buddhism, but the complete opposite of Hinduism. There is also a very great disrespect for women in? India. China kills daughters, but that is not based on any religion, like it is in Hinduism.

  22. abhijithero says:

    What a foolish joke.Chinese are like cruise missiles they get under ur skin stay their for a while and later explode.Uneducated and ignorant ppl? like u will never understand it.

  23. mooninquirer says:

    I cannot believe ANYTHING you say, since you are such an arrogant ( e.g.? you say “much beyond your scope” ) Indian nationalist. I get it from the comments of Hindu nationalists on youtube. Gandhi wanted an India that was at peace with both Hindus and Muslims, but he was shot by a Hindu nationalist.

  24. mooninquirer says:

    Despite the greater fear that America should have for China, I believe? that China is a greater ally to the US than India is. This is because of much greater cultural similarities between China and the West, than India has. India is trapped in the mindset of the early bronze age, with respect to its mania for sons and its extreme disrespect for women. What is so troubling that this bias persists even among the highly educated.

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