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Tom Dwyer at the Portland City Council meeting 09302009

by tom44 on June 15, 2014

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Tom Dwyer brings a small employer perspective to the single payer health care reform debate.
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3 thoughts on “Tom Dwyer at the Portland City Council meeting 09302009

  1. MrSuperbombastik says:

    I support his right to exercise his 1st amendment and the fact that he
    looks out for his employees. However, his political mantra is divisive,
    self serving, and just plain wrong. Not everyone who is conservative and/or
    republican is in lock step with Limbaugh or Bush. At the same time, it is
    easy to oversimplify solutions and he has personally entered local air
    waves with messages that amount to little more than name calling and
    rhetoric. I’d push my car 100 miles before going to his shop.

  2. 11kemo11 says:

    i was there, working for Tom. more than ten years or so ago maybe??? at
    that time his shop was STATE-OF-THE-ART for general repairs of urban styled
    vehicles. his shop was also able to do many custom mods, exhaust, cpu eprom
    mods. Tom himself is or was a superb boss, both friendly and willing to
    share his wisdom. hello Drew, James, and not forgetting Ken or Tom. James
    is a great Tech and fellow, if someone needs thier vehicle repaired. glad
    to see you pulled through TOM, hell-of-a-fella.

  3. YYZpresto says:

    Im really concerned about these for profit small business folks. All they
    seem to care about is short-term profits. We need more sustainable and
    green business folks that care about the community and not just profits.

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