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tokin daily: marijuana and job creation

by tom44 on November 7, 2012

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chilling here with a joint talking about all of the jobs legal marijuana contributes to society.
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Now you know where President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stand on the issue of medical marijuana. Who thinks it’s time to legalize weed? Keywords: First Presidential Debate Barack Obama Mitt Romney Complete Full Election 2012 Governor Republican Democrat Domestic Policy Economy Jobs Entitlements Social Security Medicare Obamacare Affordable Health Care Act Recession Recovery Role Government Policy Issues Michelle Debt Jim Lehrer PBS Denver Economics Plan Federal News Politics USA America United States Campaign Vote Joe Biden Paul Ryan Conservative Liberal Congress Senate “Barack Obama (US President)” Education Teachers Schools
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31 thoughts on “tokin daily: marijuana and job creation

  1. b4dmaash says:

    If you need to post any marijuana jobs then I think you can do it at? Marijuana Vacancies, check it out

  2. MightyMerold says:

    i tried that shit? with my parents man…..didnt fly

  3. TheMegaphone77 says:

    holy shit he said oct 12 and i? was like WAAAAH! thats today! but then he was like 2010 and i was like oh dang but THEN i was like holy shit coincidence a year ago today

  4. thetoneranger1 says:

    god? its been like 4 months I’m on piss test shut the hell up

  5. DrRocksosBitch says:

    My mom here is very conservative, and I was able to have her watch this video and it really opened her eyes. She saw that Paul was a completely normal person with intelligent points on the subject. she admitted that she felt much better about marijuana, and that makes me happy because I live in Missouri, and GUESS whats on our ballot in Nov.??? I hope I convinced her to vote yes.? Thanks Paul, for your help 🙂 youre the shit

  6. texaschizophrenic says:

    Pot legalization is a huge issue because the? BS laws create more problems and a false field of so-called drug agents whose activities are a drain on the economy and our treasury.

  7. texaschizophrenic says:

    Agreed, those? people saying that have no clue. They can tax the equipment we use to grow, but you can’t tax someone’s carrots that they grow in their own garden, right? It’s retarded to say they can’t add a tax to what would be the same as dispensary sales basically, but if it were legal everyone would grow their own. Not to mention the 100,000s of jobs created if industrial hemp was available.

  8. harobmx123 says:

    lol@ virtual hits?

  9. harobmx123 says:

    neither,? its been 10 minutes

  10. BongHawker says:

    Pot isn’t hard to tax at all.? That’s just propaganda. It’s no harder to tax than any other plant.

  11. tanvo93 says:

    pot is too hard tot ax, people are pretty well at growing it, so companies wont make much money off it
    plus people in the way past went to jail alot for pot posession, maybe they still? do for a huge amount, more money for prison companies (compensation/per prisoners)
    pot opens window in our mind, Corporate America doesnt like people who disobey
    they like Happy Consumers

    and hey pot legailzation isnt the biggest issue right now
    enviroment and wars,

    but this is tokin daily so it makes sense haha

  12. TimeWillTell96 says:

    haha great comparison? to starbucks 😛

  13. DavidLOVESBudds says:

    Dude!!! Paul man can you please add me as a friend,,,,your wanna be Tokin buddy? David =)

  14. tat2edangel69 says:

    Thank you for the hit one to the? head is perfect!

  15. jeffa420 says:

    thanks for all your vids paul you have helped me a lot with my own girls? and yes its legal weed my gf smokes it and i grow for her

  16. Frank332666 says:


  17. BigBud4Less says:

    smoke? some weed

  18. CantWeedThis says:

    tokin for god?

  19. thestonerjake420show says:

    pack a bowl? quick

  20. Insane82chevy says:

    our economy is based off marijuana sales. if marijuana dissapered we would? fall into a depression literally and figuatively. thumbs up if you agree

  21. sneeekyb says:

    lol i was leaning forward taking a virtual hit just as you said sum people lean forward to take the hit funny shit man …..stoner timing i? guess.

  22. Das D says:

    thanks obama? 😀

  23. lamb4067 says:

    the virtual? hit is a teaser

  24. thegreatfearblog says:

    Smoking that stuff will only make you more obedient to your masters and their puppetmasters. Drugs (illegal) are a great complement to the additives and drugs people like myself try hard to avoid, like aspartane, fluoride, etc, in order to try to keep a good,? clear mind.

  25. 66sicksfishstix says:


  26. onenhero says:

    RON? PAUL 2012!!

  27. HugsWithLove says:

    My? facts are straight.

  28. jennyumm89 says:

    Inolamax Hahahahaha! That’s Romney! Get? your facts straight!

  29. 76KRAUSEE says:

    Carl Rove smokes weed??

  30. ManneredMild says:

    Obama? is a fraud.

  31. inolamax says:

    OBAMA takes MONEY from FORIEGN INVESTORS? to FUND his CAMPAIGN!! Which is AGANIST the LAW!!! Obama is America’s frist FORIEGN FUNDED President!!!

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