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tokin daily: a pinkhouse dispensary tour: the teapot lounge

by tom44 on August 8, 2013

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i was driving around with greg today and we decided to stop in at a pink house shop- the teapot lounge. always a friendly staff working at this family of dis…

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are legal under Colorado state laws but are still illegal under Federal Laws. These dispensaries are cash dominated businesses…
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25 thoughts on “tokin daily: a pinkhouse dispensary tour: the teapot lounge

  1. TheThinkingGremlin says:

    Carlton Danks.?

  2. CrushNazT says:

    i love? the pink house

  3. stillblazzinit says:

    can tell how old this video? is from how short pauls beard is… haha

  4. Dan Deeler says:

    Dear Paul and/or Pink House Dispensaries,
    I’m wandering about the qualifications on how to get a job at a dispensary. I’m in school now, but when I’m finished I’m moving out to Denver to get a job in the medical marijuana field. Does? one have to have some sort of a degree from a marijuana school? Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to meet and work with you.

  5. rp20122012 says:

    just sounds sketch? doesnt it haha jk

  6. notava ilable says:

    only because you mentioned it someone disliked? šŸ˜€

  7. monsterpete1 says:

    ANYONE know where i can get the t shirt Paul is wearing??

  8. mrweedroller13 says:

    tht grinder is one of the best? u can find out there

  9. urchison87 says:

    I see everyone else noticed the $60 grinder. I would rather use scissors? until I ordered a badass one for like $30.

  10. Isaiah Duarte says:

    how ironic. its on federal blvd. lol?

  11. 4patchwork20 says:

    Is that a? glass torch with a vector head at the end of the vid?
    -Peace out

  12. dodiparazitu says:

    i think if you buy one grinder they give you for free 1oz of hash. :)) i cant belive,60$? on google you can find with 3-5$. peace.?

  13. jacobmohon says:

    $60? for that grinder? fall back

  14. greenbitch421 says:


  15. Glenn N says:

    Please tell everyone you know to sign this petition on the whitehouses’ site to Legalize and regulate marijuana like they? do alcohol. The petition already has well over seventy thousand signatures but needs more to be especially recognized. Thumbs up guys so this stays at the top of videos where it can be seen.

    Cheers people, Peace and pot.?




  16. MrWestsida1234 says:

    u want good wax? come to? los angeles. i show u that goood shit. lol

  17. KingBelphegor says:

    @bigflytrap size of buds do not matter whatsoever. If you have some of that Choc LA and they’re small, you really think its gonna be less potent? than the big buds? no.

  18. CreatureLikeGod says:

    0? dislikes? Swag.

  19. bigflytrap says:

    I go to this one dispensary, they consistently have smaller tinier buds than other places. I avoid buying those. Are they bad bud or can dank be small? I see this? guy showing you some, what I would consider smaller buds.

  20. kinoboy94 says:

    paul? i looove you

  21. Austin Law says:

    I? cringe everytime when he picks up a jar and shakes it. Just to make some of the goodness break off

  22. Anna Bowden says:

    i want a tokin daily shirt so bad D;

  23. josh2663 says:

    TOKIN bring back the theme? song@@!!!!!!@!!@

  24. JonBongJovi333 says:

    nice nice?

  25. sam mallory says:

    We charge 25-25 a gram for Matt Rize Ice wax hash and we have 3? BHO waxes for $40 a gram. In San Jose though so….

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