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Tips for Finding New Graduate RN Jobs

by tom44 on July 16, 2012

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No Experience Necessary While the demand for skilled nurses is at an all-time high, new graduate RN jobs aren’t always easy to come by. The problem is that many employers are looking for RNs with significant experience in the field over fresh graduates of nursing school. If you’re a new grad, what can you do to find the job that you need? Try some of these tips as a jumping off point: Work During School One aspect of working as an RN that many students overlook is the opportunity to gain experience as you learn. Many RN programs are intentionally designed to help students gain LPN licensure as quickly as possible as they work for their RN Licensure. If you plan to work in an area with relatively few new graduate RN jobs, this approach may help you in a number of ways. Not only will you have at least a couple years of practical experience as a nurse, but you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships within the healthcare field. Many hiring managers prefer an experienced RN to an inexperienced one, but prefer a nurse that they know personally over a stranger, regardless of experience. Show yourself to be dedicated, and build your network during the years that you complete your degree and licensure requirements. Do Some Volunteer Work This tip might not be practical for all new grads, but one way to gain the experience that employers are looking for while demonstrating your commitment to your work is to volunteer your time in walk-in clinics, summer camps
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