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Thousands Line Up for Atlanta Job Fair

by tom44 on June 21, 2012

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Police say more than 2000 people wrapped around a federal building in downtown Atlanta, hoping to make it inside for a job fair. No hiring or interviewing took place, and officials could not say how many jobs were actually available. (Feb. 11)
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14 thoughts on “Thousands Line Up for Atlanta Job Fair

  1. MrBurntte777 says:

    This video I very important to watch it just shows haw many people need work.

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  2. jamaalknight says:

    Job fairs are a joke people better off working? for themselves. It’s more jobless people than jobs

  3. quappauq says:

    That line is way more civilized than the crowds from the free housing line.?

  4. rbmsig04 says:

    any? of the 13,000 people from the free housing standing in line?

  5. Android780 says:

    @Voltan Fuck YOU? BITCH BOY

  6. Voltan says:

    You’re a fucking? moron/troll, and that’s why your account got banned.

  7. Android780 says:

    Start your? own businesses.

  8. cdltpx says:

    Hawaii is cutting out Friday school to cope with budget cuts. Will we see the same trend in? the mainland? Why not we are going to be the new thirld world nation since we have shipped all the jobs overseas.

  9. badbreath69 says:

    America is finished Get Out Now!! Go? to either New Zealand or Australia..

  10. lmasrt says:

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    Awesome! Awesome!

  11. aitraining says:

    :40 what the….? I? couldn’t figure out what the fuck that woman does. No wonder she can’t get work.

  12. faething says:

    We need to offer tax incentives that exclude ALL companies that ship jobs? overseas, and there should be HUGE outsourcing business tax penalities right now.

  13. Midnight8723 says:

    pretty? dark down there, don;t they know Obummer is givin’ money in Chicago. NOT Atlanta. Reclaim the South!!!! Resist Hussein!!

  14. 2004JETTA says:

    This is so sad?

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