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Thinking about moving from NYC to Miami.. should I?

by tom44 on August 27, 2012

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Question by ~*JENNIFER*~: Thinking about moving from NYC to Miami.. should I?
Thinking about moving from NYC to miami.. should I?
I am 21 years old going to be 22 in the summer, I lived in NYC my whole entire life and want a change! I am tired of the cold and I think that NYC is not that exciting anymore (at least for me it’s not) Well I have family in Miami and in Tampa. I am Puerto Rican and Cuban, so I speak Spanish. I go to Miami a lot.. and LOVE IT!! but it’s different when your going on vacation then actually living there.. I want to know If I should? I am actually thinking of doing it because I go to college online and going to a CNA (certified nurse aid) program here in NYC in march. But the thing I am most worried about is finding a good paying job… I also have a bf down there and I do not want him to think I’m moving for him. It’s really me trying to find change.. I figure I’m young and if I don’t like it then I guess I’ll be back to NYC. But that means leaving my friends and most of my family.. is it worth it? can anyone from Miami give me any tips?? Thank you!!!!

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Answer by Keep Your Coins ;I Want Change.
i’m 15.. born and raised in miami. i have never once been bored 😀

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2 thoughts on “Thinking about moving from NYC to Miami.. should I?

  1. ?iBOOM? [Team Brianna] says:

    What is this like your 3rd time asking this question? If you really want to move here then by all means do it. If your boyfriend lives here then why would you even want to stay in NYC if you have the opportunity to live in Miami with your boyfriend. What makes it even better is your taking classes online and I’m sure there is some sort of CNA in Tampa or Miami. As we all know the United States is in a recession and jobs are harder and harder to get but you have an advantage. There will always be demand for nurse’s aid so your in luck. Of course you’ll be leaving family and friends in NYC, but then you have a chance to make new friends down here and you said you have other family in Tampa so there you go, a fresh new start. Also if you have a boyfriend down here why would he think your just moving for him? Wouldn’t that be a good thing and not a bad thing? Talk to him about it and tell him how your feeling and not Yahoo Answers. I’m no counselor here I’m just answering questions. You either listen to me or you don’t.

  2. john m says:

    Have a more than warm Welcome……

    the first thing to do in Florida,,,,,please get “a Tanning”,the NY girls are so pale. LMAO

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