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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation/ TBI

by tom44 on November 5, 2014

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With my plans to run for governor of the state of Tennessee in 2014 one of the agencies I would oversee would be the Tennessee Bureau of investigation. My fi…
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23 thoughts on “The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation/ TBI

  1. Spencer Corbett says:

    Hey david. Is it possable to meet you in person? Im not too far from where
    your at I believe, and would like your insight on some things if th ou have
    the time. ?

  2. BrotherHairless says:

    Welcome to the club. Or rather, to the game. I woke up to all the
    corruption and lies about forty years ago. Since then no matter what I did
    or see others do this country has turned to crap.

    I have about seen and experienced it all. It’s all corrupt and can be
    bought off from top to bottom. I have been through some things you’ve
    mentioned and then some. When you speak up and protest especially about any
    of the multitude of special interest groups out there things will only get
    worse for you. If you are alone like me then it makes things worse. Since
    you have to keep somebody around you all the time as loyal witnesses. Now
    since all my close family and many friends are dead I carry around
    recorders and such in hopes they will stay intact to show some truth if
    something ever happened to me. However, if you go dealing with dirty cops
    and there are many and the media is on their side as the law is… you may
    be in deeper trouble than you think. Especially since they are expert at
    midnight or early morning raids and can use stupid laws against you,
    especially since you have already been to court over some of them. Hint
    hint there.

    In my situations and standing up to my towns most wealthy and most corrupt
    the psychopaths will come out of the closet. And yes they will resort to
    using gangs, motorcycle types and others against you. They may have you
    set-up using a very gorgeous girl playing a game and getting close to you
    and maybe moving in, but that is just to try to get information on you, and
    to rip you off, or set you up, anyway they can. And whoever plays their
    game will be immune from any charges you try to have them arrested with.

    Locally I have pissed many off. All the libtards and commies and that
    includes the media, cops, college brat commies, the Marx-Nazi-feminist, the
    animal rights idiots, PETA, illegal alien supporters, any of the
    mainstreamer guppy lying churches and preachers that refuse to stand up to
    anything, but cashing in. Who now even support open borders to homosexuals
    and much more. Then trying to ‘force’ it all on us. Like hating me for not
    supporting Israel or local Zionism or over Free Masonry and all the rest.
    If you are for our freedoms and rights and for the big C, the Constitution,
    then you are their enemy and WE have little safe places from them. And we
    all know in todays world you can’t say anything against some female or
    their groups or cliques, nor say a word about the illegal gangs here or
    against corruption in our towns on all levels and more than likely goes to
    the very top, which I found out.

    You’ve got a small taste so far of what they can but there is much much
    worse that can happen. Believe me!! I hope you family or very good friends
    around and some that checkup on you frequently, and will. We haven’t lived
    in the REAL America for generations now, and there are those tickled to
    death about it too. They don’t care. The only things most worry about are
    themselves, Hollywood, sports, mammon, and following the brain-washing
    mainstream in all and every area. Best wishes and blessings to ya, cause
    you may need them.?

  3. North Carolina Prepper says:

    Off topic but I would replace the orange cord with a Carabinier. or replace
    both side with Carabinier’s?

  4. DutchPointOfView says:

    Wishing you the best of luck Governor Sarti?

  5. David Sarti says:
  6. tuubydude says:


  7. David DeRoche says:

    David, I’d like to visit you with my wife and kids. Are you open for

    Thanks and God bless.?

  8. john smith says:

    Interesting video, David Sarti. Maybe Tennessee could use an outfit like
    the Texas Rangers. There would be nothing better than a group of
    honest-cops chasing after crooked politicians.
    +Stay safe, David Sarti. Keep all the video cameras recording. = There’s
    always a Judas working for beelzebub. Stay on YouTube. ?

  9. 351WINCHESTER says:

    Who “police’s the police?” Exactly.?

  10. politicalsheepdog says:

    Would the TBI protect Citizens of Tennessee from the DHS??

  11. swatnc says:

    You are right homosexuals are a plague on our Nation and are comeiting an
    abomination in the eyes of god. Don’t know about Tennessee but the sheriff
    has the most power if martial law is declared. You have a good idea it
    would stop the crocked officials from being the tyrant’s they are.?

  12. John D says:

    I just think we need another President with the balls of Jesse Ventura to
    let us realize that we don’t need different parties, or any particular
    party, running OUR congress to decide on OUR government spending issues.?

  13. Fred H says:

    You could run as a libertarian they don’t all agree with homosexuality like
    you and me.?

  14. EmergencyGearReviews says:

    I hope you get in, I live in Canada myself so I wont be able to vote for
    you but you have my prayers.

  15. xxbigkisses says:

    wow dave. u mustve bee a very sexy man when u were younger?

  16. feralbigdog says:

    sir, if you get in as governor, 1: I will be insanely jealous of not living
    in Tennessee because of the fact that an average person would get in and
    would actually work on the peoples problems, and 2: after your term of
    governor is up, I would respectfully demand that you run for president, and
    I agree 100 percent on the part about homos, I hate them too!?

  17. jwatterson69 says:

    Well said?

  18. woodcookstove1 says:

    You have my vote,but I’m from Ga? ?

  19. politicalsheepdog says:

    Kansas Bureau of Investigtions labs is used by small Kansas Counties.
    Makes sense.?

  20. John D says:

    At 6:30, I’m with you on arresting the government smoochers that accept
    bribes. Heres a thought. If politicians that accept $millions to run for
    office are millionaires already, why should they be paid to represent us? I
    thought they’re incentive or bleeding heart was in changing things for the
    betterment of communities. I saw a video the other day of two
    Representatives during the government shutdown from California on CNN that
    make $141,000 a year. She said, ‘We’re working, they’re not’! ?

  21. Porch412 says:

    You losin weight Sarti??? Not lookin to bad my man!?

  22. William Gahres says:

    There are predatory police and prosecutors just as there are predatory
    loans/credit card companies. It’s all linked together, forget google+,
    this has all been linked together for years, through a deeds room.?

  23. William Gahres says:

    You’re acknowledging the gun grabbing law and trying to explain what needs
    reform. People will disagree with you because it’s all based on opinion in
    the first place. I know exactly what you’re going through, try
    acknowledging expungement law of a crime, you’ll get shit on too because
    people don’t care. ?

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