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The Philadelphia Story – USA

by tom44 on September 27, 2012

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November 2000 The American economy is booming, with record growth and record job creation. But global economic pressures mean that some jobs are downsized and some jobs disappear – while others make fortunes. After travelling by train with a primary health care team across one of South Africa’s poorest provinces last week, Life this week visits Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania, where the Declaration of Independence was once signed, to look at how the global economy is destroying some traditional employment while making others rich.
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6 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Story – USA

  1. senjahcore says:

    “does anyone know? of a counter trend or improvements in the wage level in the service industry?”

  2. abzvinny318 says:

    Life this week visits Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania
    I guess I’ve been? lied to about my state’s captial all my life. :O
    OH wait. Beat me to it.

  3. deliciousmorton says:

    Harrisburg? is the capitol of Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia.

  4. ejmac11 says:

    And the moral of the story is………Stay In School!!! Don’t end up working in a factory who wants? that anyway?

  5. rickbar123 says:

    I have lived? and worked in Phila. all my life. Phila. is dead. I work as a visiting nurse (RN) in these hoods. Every day I see hundreds of empty factorys across the city. If you want to help Phila. and the rest of America – END THAT BULLSHIT, FUCKING SHAM NAFTA. IT IS KILLING THIS COUNTRY. PUT THE BASTARDS THAT SOLD IT TO US IN JAIL. END NAFTA END NAFTA END FREE TRADE END FREE TRADE

  6. mbrunken says:

    Daniel Bell talked about this trend of decline in manufacturing and the rise of a post-industrial economy. Unfortunately, most of the new jobs in the service industry pay cannot support a? typical family. If you take a drive through Philadelphia, sometimes all you will see are nail salons, delis and scratched and dented repair shops. This was made in 2000, does anyone know of a counter trend or improvements in the wage level in the service industry?

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