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“The Kind Of Healthcare Washington Says You Should Versus The Kind People Opt For Themselves”

by tom44 on July 23, 2014

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June 29, 2012 MSNBC News
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25 thoughts on ““The Kind Of Healthcare Washington Says You Should Versus The Kind People Opt For Themselves”

  1. sheepOG says:

    You’re a moron.

  2. sheepOG says:

    You’re the one who claimed owning slaves was like owning a car. That would
    mean the majority of adults owned at least one slave. Provide evidence for
    your preposterous claim.

  3. myhipsi says:

    Wikipedia is as good a reference as any these days. It has prevented
    government from doing a lot, but unfortunately not enough. The constitution
    is not so much ignored as misinterpreted. The supreme court decides whether
    a law is constitutional or not, and unfortunately, the justices are always
    biased one way or the other and judge with a partisan slant rather than a
    constitutional one.

  4. Connatiah1 says:

    Does anyone know whether Cantor is a flaming gay asshole?

  5. sheepOG says:

    If you look at census numbers, not even 5% of people owned slaves. Your
    claim is preposterous.

  6. sheepOG says:

    If it’s a restraining order, then clearly, it doesn’t do much restraining.
    It either authorises the government you have now or it has been powerless
    to prevent it. It doesn’t have any authority. It even advocates theft.

  7. myhipsi says:

    You aren’t right and you didn’t prove anything. But go ahead and pat
    yourself on the back.

  8. Connatiah1 says:

    It’s all good. I call her monkey balls

  9. 99percentatheist says:

    Watch health care plans skyrocket after this decision.

  10. TheTruthBomb says:

    Not a republican, I am socialist libertarian that worked on the Kucinich
    and Paul campaigns in 2008. This election season I only worked for Paul
    because the liberals are to busy pretending Obusha was change. I’d just
    soon as vote for Nader or Cynthia McKinney because they aren’t Democrats or
    Republicans. You can’t make a health care system where %50 of the citizens
    are going to be doing all they can to circumvent while the illegal aliens
    exploit it. Involuntary coerced commerce is wrong.

  11. TheTruthBomb says:

    They are going to wait numerous years, because when people that work get
    the bill and the paperwork they going to riot, and it’s a election year.

  12. ymkamara420 says:

    if you want to talk about want our current government misuses some of our
    tax dollars ok. if you want to talk about how the multinational
    corporations and the military industrial complex have control of our
    government i would agree with you there. The simple way to solve these
    problems is to get money out of politics and publicly fiance our elections.
    But to eliminate taxes all together makes no sense

  13. isarsak says:

    What census are you looking at? We didn’t do a Census till 1790.

  14. ymkamara420 says:

    wow nice straw man. Comparing the enslavement of a person. to taxes that
    pay for our roads, schools,hospitals, fire fighters, police and many other
    services. If you don’t believe in taxes why are you on the internet? You do
    know that american tax dollars funded the creation of the internet (
    ARPANET). hahaha your ignorance is amazing hahahahahaha

  15. jsu smithy says:

    How about the Bush Doctrine? Why hasn’t he lifted the embargo off Cuba? Why
    has the Obama Administration cracked down on cannibas dispenseries? Why did
    the Obama Administration authorize the use of drones in America’s skies?
    Why did Obama bailout the CORPORATE banks like Bush did with GM, Crystler,
    and other auto companies? Where was the Democrat lead Congress in 2006,
    were they to busy saying FreddieMae wasn’t going to go under? So many
    questions that you pass the buck to soley the Republicans.

  16. TheTruthBomb says:

    So how is Obama going to force a plan on people %50 oppose, I am firing 5
    people tomorrow selling business and going to work off the books now. Fuck
    taxes. Fuck you Fuck Fascism. FUck Obama. Bless the ammo.

  17. daveruda says:

    Republicans stopping a republican healthcare plan…the horror the horror.
    ONLY reason is to be on the opposite side of Obama…creating a false
    divide for the masses to shout about..

  18. isarsak says:

    Fuck you dude. Constitution isn’t perfect but its has made America a great
    nation. Also the slave ownership was the norm back then. He was seen like
    owning a car.

  19. TheTruthBomb says:

    Lol when old people and those that work get the bill and paperwork there
    will be riots in the street. That’s why they aren’t doing it before the
    election, they are waiting years. Stop disguising corporate
    fascism/extortion as a health plan anyone wants. We can’t have nice things
    in America unless we want to pay for the mexicans to.

  20. sheepOG says:

    Where am I advocating that we be forced to purchase anything? Do you not
    see me advocate against the theft which the constitution thinks is normal?

  21. bronzenrule says:

    Then just opt out, dude, and pay the measly penalty of $95, which you may
    choose to pay or not, in protest – that is, if you don’t already have
    insurance or qualify for Medicaid or are not under the age of 26 & not
    under you parent’s coverage. You know, there are people in prison for not
    paying their taxes on principle. This could be your Tea Party moment. There
    are infinite things to hate and protest. Some have protested the end of
    slavery & Jim Crow. Looks like this one’s got your name on it.

  22. wolco003 says:

    It’s about the mandate stupid!

  23. zebbedi says:

    The constitution is still the basis upon which your whole country is built.
    If it is void then your whole system is void including your law, which
    means that theft does not exist. So your argument is invalid.

  24. isarsak says:

    Because Both sides keep wanting war. Also Many did own slaves.

  25. AmericanResponses says:

    Cantor gets caught in his lie about the goverment not allowing you to pick
    your healthcare when it is mentioned that you CAN keep the healthcare you
    have and the choose is yours as exchanges will be set up for you shop on
    …so he changes it to the cost while there is a provision in the bill that
    will not allow insurance companies to charge more then 20% profit on each
    claim ,His goal is misinformation and deceiving the American voter pretty

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