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The future job market in America?

by tom44 on June 15, 2014

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by quapan

Question by Hereford: The future job market in America?
They say don’t do a major in college for the money. I’m not, i’m majoring in something b/c I want to actually get the opportunity to have a job when I graduate. I’m an incoming freshman and my passion lies in physics and engineering. they say the only jobs that will be in demand will be medical. i don’t want to go biomedical engineering but is that my only hope? it seems that all the engineering jobs are overseas. how will the market be for engineers in the next 4-5 years? how do i get into a private sector job for engineering?

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Answer by Joe
Depending on where you live…. TEACHERS are projected to be one of the top markets for jobs within the next decade or less. It may be surprising but I’d Say if you perhaps major in Physics with a minor in education you’d have a good steady job with a decent paycheck perhaps in the Boston area, where I believe teachers are in demand!

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