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The Finest Collision Repair, Insurance Work & Restoration, Yakima WA uploaded by customer

by tom44 on November 27, 2012

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Watch till the end. Excellent Quality work, attention to detail, communicative, integrity, reasonably priced. Quality collision repair, insurance work. Yakima, WA 98901. This is my ’85 Pontiac Fiero GT HO V6. This paint job is now 4 years old as of Feb 2011 and looks as great today as it did the first day I brought it home. Owner Greg Burns has a DVD of this paint job on hand, check it out. Paint used on my car, high end PPG base clear urethane, at my request 5 coats base, 3 coats clear
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10 thoughts on “The Finest Collision Repair, Insurance Work & Restoration, Yakima WA uploaded by customer

  1. mowerspeedracer says:

    Stock hood, has a fiberglass hood? vent produced some years ago, no longer avaiable.

  2. mowerspeedracer says:

    For the cost of the paint job you would just have to contact American Body and Paint directly call 509-452-0147 and 509-961-0140 to? how him your car. My paint job was high end PPG Base Clear.

  3. MrTransAm1979 says:

    how much did they charge? you? id like to get some paint on my trans am

  4. mowerspeedracer says:

    That is? a custom hood vent I got several years ago, no longer avaiable.

  5. macgcahill says:

    where did you get that hood?….Looks good?

  6. mowerspeedracer says:

    PM? sent.

  7. mowerspeedracer says:

    You will just have to take your? car, etc. to his shop and talk it over with him, he does a great job of communication. Also depends what you want done exactly. I only go with top end PPG base clear. Also see my other job he just finished, on this channel, I drove it home and will finish putting it together at my place in Ellensburg.

  8. theaegean says:

    How much did this run? you? I just moved to Yakima and am looking for a good body shop. Seems like this is the one, now to find out how much it will set me back…

  9. mowerspeedracer says:

    Top end? PPG 4 to 5 coats of base, 3 coats of clear coat. The finish is amazing.

  10. revitup1965 says:

    Nice looking color. What kind of paint was used? I had the same rims on? a ’89 Grand Am.

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