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The Difference Between You and a Corporation — Annabel Park presentation

by tom44 on July 18, 2012

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No Experience Necessary “We need to get passionate and committed just the way they did in the Civil Rights movement. It has to reach that level where we’re so indignant that we’ll make sacrifices to fight for our rights, fight for who we are. America is not a plutocracy. Citibank is not a person. We need to say, I AM a person.” “We need to stop the Cycle of Corruption, and put People back in the process…We have to fight laws that create corruption, but it has to be something that’s both cultural and deeply personal…We have to stand up and say, ‘We’re not going to let you take our government.” by Annabel Park Dear America, We are in the middle of a great struggle for the soul of our country. It is easy to read the news each day and become a little more disheartened, if not downright demoralized about our future. Elected members of our government are telling us that we don’t deserve disaster relief, clean air, fair wages, healthcare, jobs, or homes. We are not part of the “productive class,” and thus the tax dollars we contribute should not be invested in our families or our futures. Our struggle is often presented as an economic struggle. The top 1% vs the rest of us. In many ways, it is that. But, like many conflicts between people and power throughout history, it is also a struggle for identity, as individuals and as a nation. The ruling class in America wants to determine what we deserve or don’t deserve as human beings. They malign social programs — paid for with
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11 thoughts on “The Difference Between You and a Corporation — Annabel Park presentation

  1. lynnegordon says:

    Eric, you must realize that your brother is not the enemy. Even illegal aliens are a part of this country. I feel that i fthey are here, then they can become a part of the solution.

    But in order for that 2 happen u have 2 recognize the divisionist tactics of the elite. They will label u & give u labels 4 e1 else, yet they will sit down 2dinner (Rep, Dem, Muslim, Jew) & laugh at u & me bc we are 2 blind 2? see what they r doing.

    Our only hope is each other. Do not let them divide and conquer us.

  2. JonasPlanck says:

    You think a person’s value is defined by a piece of paper issued by the? government. How cute. Do you do your taxes with that brain?

  3. ji94552 says:

    Great? work!

  4. lindajedwards39 says:

    well done!?

  5. EricBLiar says:

    “We are in the middle of a great struggle for the soul of our country.”

    I AGREE!! We are being invaded by? illegal aliens!! They have no right to be here!! They are leeching off our nation! Filling our schools with their children without commensurate taxation!! To save our nation we must get these illegals out of our country!!

  6. ronoda says:

    FANTASTIC JOB? ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. tyroman009 says:

    Basic Mob Mentality: They are different from us, and therefore they are bad. We must get them? out of our country….Just like Argentina under the Perons.

  8. HennyPenny37 says:

    The Coffee Party, the first party of intelligence!

  9. patchespepper says:

    Let’s go for it!!!!

  10. spira80 says:

    nicely done!!

    And so? true…at least in my world…

  11. FriedDaisy says:

    It’s amazing how few people recognize where the danger to themselves, their way? of life and everything they cherish lies.

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