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The American brain drain

by tom44 on September 9, 2012

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While the economy of the United States continues to shrink, India and China’s economies are growing. Many highly skilled immigrants are deciding to leave the United States and heading home because of better job opportunities and advancement. Experts predict that in the next five years 500000 Indian and 500000 Chinese immigrants will leave the United States. How will that impact the American economy? Chinese and Indians entrepreneurship have produced thousands of jobs in the United States and created major centers of technological innovation like Silicon Valley and Google.
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25 thoughts on “The American brain drain

  1. abksharma says:

    we still eat endosullfan in our fruits? beware when coming back

  2. 90SUBHO says:

    Aye u western trash u? can’t even build enough toilet papers.

  3. lalitadityamuktapida says:

    Look Man! Our meditation traditions are probably the greatest in the worlds and the Vedas contain profound insights into mental states regarding the space-time continuum and mind body interactions. But your comment about vedic science and the moon is just plain silly. And it is making us Indians all sound like kooks. Please? stop this crap and stop giving us a bad name.

  4. buzzin1975 says:

    What the fuck is an American? There’s? no such thing in the first place.

  5. GollaGandaLova says:

    hahaha I’m Not? Indian, but india rocks! Fuck America cuntless bastards

  6. Askar9992 says:

    americans? suck

  7. windowcleaner3131 says:

    haha you rusks are so pathetic 😀 i doubt there isn’t a single chinese or indian? student in your shithole of country. drink some vodka while we americans laugh about your jealousy

  8. Flingi2 says:

    I heard that IIT probably the hardest college to get into in technology, students who doesnt get in there consider MIT and other Ivy league colleges as secondary? option and get in with scholarships.

  9. mayonasepatty says:

    Dr. Wadhwa has such a lovely? voice.

  10. SathuGopa says:

    No one has set foot on d moon. all dis moon landing is all crap n lie produced by ur government rascal. Do some research
    According to vedic indian science, Moon is farther than? d sun. No Human can go there in this earthly body. there is a diff process. ther’re living entities or life in moon, in stars, each n every planet in d universe, everywr even in sun der is life
    Moon is a heavenly planet. wr living condition is 1000 times bettr n duration of life, 1000 times longer thn earth

  11. orikzzz says:

    thats your life philisophy, thats why i consider u dumb… In? ur opinion if person works in sony or apple he is smarter and all his/her arguments are right. And if the person is unemployed then he is stupid. Take a deeper look in your life. I understood that you are dumb because u wrote:”Since we invented? everything and you didn’t.” You think that inventing something makes everyone’s life better and happier. However it is not the money and inventions that make people happy.

  12. vfIskullangel says:

    Most of them were. I can’t name? all of them.

  13. orikzzz says:

    you? are too dumb for me to talk to u…first go study a bit then talk..

  14. vfIskullangel says:

    You sir are dumb. Without the likes of Blacks, Mexicans and Asians, the whites wouldn’t be were they are at today without their efforts. You really think they are going to credit the black man for developing break through technology? no. Yet Northrop and Lockheed have employed them while developing such projects like? the Raptor.

  15. erik4727 says:

    Alright it doesnt look like? im going to change your mind, so I’ll just wish you a good day.

  16. vfIskullangel says:

    Wrong!!! White Americans stole everything from native American indians and proof of that is today their off spring is confined to small reseverations throughout the united states. So during that? time frame you posted means shit.

  17. erik4727 says:

    the internet couldve just as easily been invented by any other people who relied solely on themselves, and not on the backs of people outside their? race (like the united states richclass, who continue to enslave non-whites, for their economic benefit)

  18. erik4727 says:

    Before white people, all? natives had to worry about was getting food, staying alive, and providing for the family. As far as I’m concerned, that’s about a noble life as you can lead. When whites arrived, they immediately killed or enslaved them in a swift genocidal killing spree.
    It’s whether or not that you want to admit this is a PROBLEM, when it starts dictating your beliefs. As far as im concerned, the only brainwashed white supremacist—is you.

  19. vamsi atyam says:

    no the next google or intel will never happen? in india, unless more white people go to india, since most of those companies were started by whites.

  20. erik4727 says:

    Again, if you had a problem? with immigrants, your problem would be with WHITES who have STOLEN the American wealth out of the hands of their rightful owners.

  21. erik4727 says:

    Indians have had nothing to do with the job loss, MORON. American Corporations are sending their jobs to India because it is much easier to pay their? employees a slave wage. As far as Im concerned, this can only be a net positive for India.

  22. BlackzSmoke says:

    Hmm if Indian people came here and caused the Indian brain drain, then why is it called? the American brain drain if they go back?

  23. htiberian says:

    I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m stupid. And I won’t forget the Communists, who gave that trait to me. And I’ll gladly stand up… in my Nike shoes and raise my middle finger. And there ain’t no doubt I don’t own this? land, Goddamn the USA! HEY!

  24. 2838673 says:

    RT pure hate haha?

  25. hourstomidnight22 says:

    In 2003 Microsoft’s? published profits were 13.5 billion dollars. 40% of the products made by Microsoft during that year were programmed by Russian programmers. So that means Microsoft should pay Russia for the training and free education that was given to the programmers. The amount of qualified engineers, programmers and IT specialists that America stole from Russia, that make profits for American companies is ridiculous.

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