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Tent City Detroit Interview 2 – People’s Summit June 16, 2009 Foreclosure Jobs economy activism

by tom44 on September 1, 2012

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I really had a fun time interviewing Caleb. I could spend hours interviewing and talking with this guy. He was fun to interview. I would try to ask a question, let him speak and then pause the camera. Basically because I wanted to be able to make easy edits and separate rips of each section. Using a Macintosh with AVCHD footage can be time consuming because the Sony HDSR11 footage has to be blown up into large files to do editing. I inserted a shot of an old GM abandoned factory in Detroit in between one of the clips. I immediately thought of this when reviewing it and would have inserted it between one of his speeches for visual effect, but decided it would interrupt the flow of his answer, so it’s between two questions. I wouldn’t say that I agree with Caleb is saying, but it’s interesting to watch folks present their thoughts none the less. The interview is broken up at one point when we are talking about Obama. A bum walks up and stood next to me and was pretty close, and started to beg for bus fare. I had to stop and we both declined to give him money for the bus. Caleb mentioned that the summit was giving out food for free, to the guy who wandered off. It’s likely the guy just wanted the money for drugs or booze. Caleb and I both are used to the big city and when you see a lot of people begging you get used to saying no a lot. I didn’t really talk about anything to him before the interview so he wasn’t prepared for questions ahead of time. As with any belief system
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on “Tent City Detroit Interview 2 – People’s Summit June 16, 2009 Foreclosure Jobs economy activism

  1. MegaBadboy6 says:


  2. calebpmann says:

    He was right in the begging when he said that the govt should not be bailing out the banks and corporations. But how is bailing out the people any different from bailing out the corporations when it comes to responsibility? People depending on themselves, like he says, is certainly not capitalism or socialism for one would be far more dependent on the govt then themselves in either of those cases. Capitalism is not the problem, corruption is the? problem.

  3. DougWulfram says:

    No League of Shadows? Destroyed Detroit; It was Black People
    Stuff Black People Don’t Like

  4. iamslknick78 says:

    I went to beat this guy with a lead? pipe.

  5. iamslknick78 says:

    How about people pay their bills. Mortgage renegotiation? Hell no. If I? lend someone money I want what was promised to me.

  6. charcoaljohnson says:

    He need to stop saying? “you know” so much.

  7. johnnyrebman says:

    Fight Socialism and Communism…..Pure Capitalism and Anarchy and Freedom of Choice is cool……But Corpratism, where a business being small or large are propped up with a government subsidy that allows it to have a competitive advantage in operation costs is not fair and just allows people to spend money that they did not earn and have no way of making an efficient use of the STOLEN TAX PAYER MONEY!!……….End the? FED……!

  8. roland19hun says:

    hes got a communist badge on his jacket?

  9. billwalts900 says:

    kids probably set with his trust fund so its real easy to? be a socialist/communist
    fight greed not capitalism

  10. YAHWEHisperfect says:

    many bankers r? also wearing black heads…for sure did in the past…

    forget about isis…and walk in the Way of yahweh instead…it leads to Life….

  11. SepherStar says:

    And the people aren’t in control in Cuba. The people are oppressed? in Cuba.

  12. SepherStar says:

    This guy doesn’t know how things work. By giving the corporation money the government is saving jobs, AND making jobs by giving those corporations a chance to recover? and expand.

    Not that I don’t think the bailouts are completely anti-capitalistic but this guy really doesn’t understand how things work.

  13. MrRuigni says:

    This guy is right. The? USA sucks in this department. They do not help their own.

  14. maskedavenger777 says:

    If you have full on socialism,? it won’t be some social democracy paradise. It will devolve into some Stalinistic dystopia.

  15. LordoftheKaty says:

    It makes me? sad to say this but its only going to get worse.

  16. simontimon2 says:

    And your solution is to make the buorcrates own 100 % of the population wealth which is called? communism.

  17. totheman says:

    In the United States at the end of 2001, 10% of the population owned 71% of the wealth, and the top 1% controlled 38%. On the other hand, the bottom 40% owned less than? 1% of the nation’s wealth.

    Capitalism is dying.

  18. totheman says:

    All the time he was talking all i was thinking “Take that beret, take it off now, take? it off, take it off now!”

  19. neverfearchrisishere says:

    Seriously? A beret and a? soviet symbol…. Stop copying stereotypes and try to be your self.

  20. lastpatriot4America says:

    Capitalism made this country strong. Greed and Socialism are destroying us. Capitalism is good. It makes us productive. Socialism is government in your life from cradle to grave. Agreed we have to many greedy freaks screwing with us. But do not attack capitalism. This guy wears a russian hammer and cicle. is? lost. He talks a lot, but he says nothing. Maybe he should read history.Stalin thought socialism was good to,and so did Hitler.Capitalism is America. And thats why everyone wants to be here.

  21. gasdorf says:

    he sure laided it out how the cia works create enemy out of flase flag opp? to invoke fear and wars

  22. kukynphunt says:

    Wow that kid knows his stuff. A little over the top for me, I am more into socialism as opposed to? communism, however I was impresses with what he had to say.

  23. halfasheep says:

    “we need to stop the home? foreclosures”
    why? to try and maintain unrealistic home prices that people can’t really afford?

  24. FlintPublic says:

    You brought up “the gays,” firecat. Now you want to run from the aftermath of your? bigoted remarks. If you can’t see how human rights and workers rights are part of the same conversation (or for that matter how energy, manufacturing, wages, healthcare, immigration, trade, housing, etc. are connected) there’s no need for further dialogue or consideration of your one-track theories ¬†or musings on sin, nature and righteousness. We’ll be praying for you. PD

  25. firecatgreg says:

    Finally, most people would love gays to return to the closet. You came out, okay, now go back. Protestors like this are so confused, they don’t even realize that the democrats in office love and worship gay immorality. The first thing Clinton did was try to allow gay rights in the military which was shot down. Now Obama is doing the same thing. You should be protesting China where they hang homosexuals if your? looking for gay justice. These are so confused they can’t even target a protest

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