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Tennessee Truck Driving School Pre-Trip Inspection Part 1

by tom44 on November 25, 2012

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Greg Dotson from Tennessee Truck Driving School demonstrates how a proper and thorough pre-trip inspection is performed. The ability to perform a proper pre-tip inspection is not only required to get your CDL but it is a neccesary job duty for all commercial drivers.
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Who says concussions are necessarily a bad thing? Wide receiver Denarius Moore of the Tennessee Volunteers got knocked out by Alabama corner DeMarcus Milliner within the first minute of their game, and when Moore woke up he appeared to forget that he was a mediocre football player. All kidding aside (about a serious topic), Moore went on a crime spree stealing yards and touchdowns from SEC defenses after sitting out the entire Alabama game in the wake of that hit. Prior to that hit, he’d caught just 18 balls for 257 yards and 4 TDs over the prior 6 games. After the hit, he caught 29 balls for 724 yards and 5 TDs over the next 6 games and became the only receiver in the FBS to have two 200+ yard receiving games. Not coincidentally, most of this blossom of production happened as freshman sensation QB Tyler Bray took over the starting job in the second half of Moore’s first game back after the Alabama hit.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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24 thoughts on “Tennessee Truck Driving School Pre-Trip Inspection Part 1

  1. RaidersPhatBlunt says:

    *everything he did in? his rookie season

  2. RaidersPhatBlunt says:

    My new favorite Raider i use to live out in SEC country so i’ve been following Moore since he was a? freshmen with the Vols so everything he in his rookie season didn’t come as a surpise to me.

  3. richgannonrocks says:

    Hard to believe he was taken? into the 5th round of the draft after watching this

  4. volunteernation16 says:

    for the 2nd half? of the season

  5. acrock21 says:


  6. secretbonus says:

    It’s like the old movie “Heaven Can Wait”. The guy actually got hit so hard his spirit left his body and was replaced with? a spirit that knew the game a lot better.

  7. AdoaN17 says:

    @roseok DHB was a huge reach? y

  8. raiderfan89ify says:

    DHB better watch this Video cuz Denarius Moore Could very well take his Place. Given the fact that he’s been getting alot of buzz lately. He? also looked good last thursday against Arizona.

  9. shocker0 says:

    Yes? sir

  10. Xavier Nunez says:

    was tyler bray the qb?
    go raiders!!?

  11. marqstheman says:

    He threw a huge block on that last play. I watched it twice it was so good. He’s got great hands and the speed is something else. He’s gonna? be good. I mean great sorry hahaha.

  12. DaggerMan11 says:

    The next Greg? Jennings.

  13. raiderfan4life92 says:

    this? dude has great hands! RAIDER NATION!!!!

  14. Scott Ellis says:

    6’0 isn’t small. It’s not big either I guess you are right… but? the kid is STRONG.

  15. roseok says:

    this is why u dont draft wide receivers in? the top ten.(Heyward Bey) You can find gems in the later rounds

  16. astristar says:

    i can see the future JACOBY FORD BECOMES A STAR Instantly and now your next denarius ? …………….. ford and moore awesome

  17. Scott Ellis says:

    Big.. strong.. fast… hands… Someone please explain? how this guy was a 5th round pick? 😛

    Raiders get another late-round steal! They have done it like 5 years in a row now!

  18. raiders545 says:

    Higgins wasn’t that bad, he just faded out and didn’t get much playing time. He led the Raiders wide recievers with TD’s in 2009 I think. Anyways he’s not as good now.

    Higgins went to UTEP which? is in my city so I payed close attention to him.

  19. SilverNblackk55 says:

    @loveorfear12 Good job? stealing someone else’s video.

  20. BigPrimo33 says:

    DHB’s problem is he can’t catch a football to save his life…?

  21. babyboyz33 says:

    dhb replacement!!!gg? buddy

  22. xBaNgxBigBadMike909 says:

    Oakland Raiders all day!!!!! But? OMG we should have got Greg salas Hes big Physical and Fast!!!! has super soft hands 😉 ….but NOOOO the freakin Sheep got em >:[

  23. raiderchampion says:

    DHB plays scared.?

  24. nwo4lifedta316 says:

    hes good. watched him his whole career with the vols. raider fans be excited? about this guy

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