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Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin Resigns!!!

by tom44 on November 14, 2012

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Tennessee Football Coach Lane Kiffin resigns and accepts job at USC. Watch and listen to the Knoxville media reaction. Do you have an educated opinion? Examine and discuss.

2012 14U/8th AAU Sub-state Championship Game (TN)
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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48 thoughts on “Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin Resigns!!!

  1. 808majik says:


  2. MrTjames94 says:

    Fuck USC?

  3. Papawill13 says:

    Reality hurts. Tennessee is? a stepping stone job…

  4. Adam McGovern says:

    Lane Kiffin is a asshole.Al Davis is dead on about him.Tennessee and Southern Cal fans have been warned about him.He cheated at Tennessee.He gets hot cheerleaders to recruit people to Tennessee,told a recruit that he will be pumping gas for a living,ripping shirts off to get recruits, he recruited a rapist/convicted criminal on the team.Then he steals recruits from other schools to follow Kiffin whereever he coaches at.He recruited a 13 year old kid at USC.Lane is a? mean person.

  5. swisstrojan says:

    yes, I guess you did pretty? well. 50-0

  6. Bridget Lovilotte says:

    Who wouldn’t leave Tenn for USC? Keep it? real folks.

  7. TheTmackster says:

    50-0? assclown!!!!!

  8. LBjim says:

    Better offer for him..?

  9. usc4life93 says:

    he wants to go where football matters? lol y would he have wanted to stay in Tennessee?

  10. usc4life93 says:

    were? doin good lol

  11. Albert Polay says:

    how did that work out for you???? TROJANS?

  12. mrhavana66 says:

    how did that work out? for you..

  13. mrhavana66 says:

    how did that work out for you so? far?

  14. Bridget Lovilotte says:

    USC? Fight On!!

  15. bammybound says:

    Aaron Douglas R.I.P.?

  16. clintbronson5 says:

    Lane Kiffin…More like Lame Kiffen. He fucking sucks Yeah what was his NFL record. Oh and before? you say he was with the suck ass RAIDERS Jon Gruden had the SUCK ASS RAIDERS and turned them into a 500. team his first year. So yeah coaching has a lot to do with it and this fucko had a 5-17 record in the NFL and USC is dying to have him?

  17. thisgame2 says:

    your all? idiots

  18. DMrally says:

    Eat a dick!?

  19. BlueExplore says:

    I’m from sc and what? did he do to become unloyal…y does every1 hate him?

  20. Emily Cothren says:

    It really had nothing to do with his record or his coaching ability. It had everything to do with how unloyal he was, and how he made everyone believe that he really cared about Tennessee football. It had to do with how everyone took up? for him when he first came and people were running their mouth about him, and then he turned his back on Knoxville.

  21. sandwhich14 says:

    Lol? I don’t blame him for leaving Tennessee fucking blows any way.

  22. chubphucka says:

    U fans should praise the lord he’s gone….but ur new? xoaxh

  23. bamaisnumberone says:

    good because we all over the SEC hate him because he? talked alot of shit couldn’t back it up then ran like a little bitch.

  24. dansolo21 says:

    @johhnydamage… Don’t count on UCLA to do squat. Not the team you want to get? behind.

  25. KrupFam says:

    6:47 double dribble

  26. Tyrell Perkinson says:

    great video check out my 6th? grade boys aau nationals teams… we appreciate all support of the kids

  27. BackstreetKicks says:

    Great game…I liked #25 on the black team(with blonde hair) but I didn’t? like #1…dribbles way to much and doesn’t pass

  28. laurent tshisekedi says:

    well, #1 to me looks like the best player on the court even though he doesn’t show it all? the time, still good video.

  29. basketballer622 says:

    yeah he is. we went? to middle school together last year. he is an absolute monster

  30. azmadik1 says:

    @EzPaThShOcK Yeah,? that’s Jaylen Fisher, now a freshman @ Bolton

  31. KobeOwnzzz24 says:

    I? was thinking about the same thing 😀

  32. llHighllTopllFade says:

    lol na thatd be U15 and hes 6’11? nearing 7’0

  33. rattlehead54321 says:

    is #1 on the? white team Karl Towns?

  34. EzPaThShOcK says:

    is? number 25 on the black team albino?

  35. tvtaylor says:

    Team? Penny won

  36. MrTreazure1 says:

    who won??

  37. tvtaylor says:

    Dillion? is #1 on the black team

  38. sidthebasketballkid1 says:

    what number? is dillon mitchell

  39. taeshowinup says:

    was number one for each team brothers??

  40. jdbenton10 says:

    I was? there

  41. tvtaylor says:

    Memphis War Eagles?

  42. jazzymom34 says:

    What the name of team in reb/ black where they? from?

  43. MegaBad23 says:

    we beat? team penny team loaded all day

  44. 501delvin says:

    that was? a close game

  45. ohmyasjia1 says:

    3:22? jesse and kylan stumbled

  46. ohmyasjia1 says:

    Naw he #25 for the white team the other 25 is my friend? brother

  47. gunslinger11051 says:

    kylan albino? ?

  48. ohmyasjia1 says:

    4:07 kylan watkins still the ball #TeamPenny? all day I love you big brutha

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