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Tell me everything there is to know about living in the Twin Cites, please?

by tom44 on January 4, 2014

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Question by Gerald L: Tell me everything there is to know about living in the Twin Cites, please?
Seriously considering moving there from Atlanta, curious about the job market(I work in Medical Collections), singles/dating scene, bars, resturants, events, and overall culture & quality of life. Thanks…….Rhymesayers!!

Best answer:

Answer by Shortcake
I have lived here my whole life, treavelled all over, and I would never live anywhere else.
Job market is good for your line of work, there are great little bars and restaurants set in some very cool historical old buildings/areas. Summit Avenue in St Paul is incredible to just walk through. “Nordeast” area in Minneapolis is so full of Minnesota history and culture, you could spend the whole day just wandering, eating, sightseeing. St Anthony Falls. Mill City Ruins. The local music (and art) scene is so full of artists who are passionate about what they do and about spreading it to the community. Yep, Rhymesayers. Lots more. Quality of life is perfect, for me, if you can handle the snow! I love it, because there are days I am trying to shovel myself out, and sure enough, here comes a neighbor with an extra shovel and we tackle it together. People care and help when it is needed, but typically not up in your face when you don’t. If you do come here, do me a favor and check out the river towns, besides St Paul and Minneapolis. Like Stillwater, Red Wing, Winona. Such a cool culture of river and old train line history.
Really, you should let Minnesota take you in.

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