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TEDxCMU — Charlie Hoehn — The New Way to Work

by tom44 on March 5, 2013

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22 thoughts on “TEDxCMU — Charlie Hoehn — The New Way to Work

  1. Rich4044 says:

    Gonna play absolute Devils Advocate here…

    This video really boils down to “if you didn’t get a useful? degree, learn marketing and sales and start freelancing”

    Not so revolutionary afterall perhaps?

  2. LiberApolion says:

    Great Idea. I would love to find a skilled internet geek who can proof s/he can keep innovating. Exploration is the best way to business, it leads to partnership and? not just salary.

  3. sullenboy1o3o says:

    Its already happening with the? illustration and concept art industry.

  4. sullenboy1o3o says:

    Spec work is not a good idea for? illustrators and other artists.

  5. tony23realtor says:

    Has anyone ever looked at the computer systems in the majority of businesses? The majority use OLD systems. The OLD off white yellowish systems with command line or DOS. A huge amount of places still use Windows 2000 or XP. They are slowly getting Windows 7. They use the mentality, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. The proof is in the rise of hackers. To say these jobs that administer these machines will be? obsolete is ridiculous.

  6. tony23realtor says:

    cool. Maybe you should try it and tell me when you make lots of money doing? it.

  7. drrai2013 says:

    Heya, Anyone heard about the Tube Cash Exposure? (do a? Google Search) Ive listened to some phenomenal stuff about it and my cousin made lots of money with it!

  8. imRyRy says:

    Talk about wage slavery… working for free? That’s like slavery, in the hope of future wages. Even worse!

    I’m not criticizing the people that try this. But the more? and more people do this, the more competitive it will be, and people will work for less and less pay, worse and worse conditions.

    The wealth gap is insanely huge in America, and it’s obviously getting worse.

  9. clarkeaac says:

    Wrong. Movement for EMPHASIS of PARTICULAR POINTS holds audience? attention. Movement of the body (back and forth walking) is distracting. If you were to move to a certain part of the stage for a purpose (for emphasis on a particular point in space, e.g. my product is HERE) then that is extremely useful. However, back and forth pacing adds nothing to a presentation.

  10. clarkeaac says:

    What he’s saying about engineering degrees rendered obsolete doesn’t apply to ANY field, not even computer engineering. No engineering degree becomes useless because the degree teaches? you the fundamentals of (insert field, e.g. computers) It will not become useless in any length of time because obtaining the degree means that you can learn about any “new technology” at a rate exponentially higher than someone who does not have the degree. It’s REQUIRED in engineering to gain useful experience.

  11. clarkeaac says:

    It doesn’t make sense that an engineering degree is obsolete within 2-5 years, because it is the most sought after degree field directly after graduation, and by that point you will already have a job, and the experience in the field can carry? you from there. If anything, engineering is the least obsolete degree you can get.

  12. rstheoneandonly says:

    Free work… I? guess it is better presented volunteering.

  13. kredit787 says:

    Is he the guy from national? lampoons?

  14. Soniboy84 says:

    Great, now I only have to figure out what am I passion about. Apart from watching random TED? talks…

  15. DGMUSICisGOOD says:

    go deliver pizzas… it’s not rocket? science, part time opps everywhere

  16. Plaatboy says:

    I’m actually doing something like this now, but what is this side work he’s talking about? I have no income because service jobs, like any other aren’t laying around to be scooped up. I’m on my way with my own strategy and? will add some of what he suggests. But without help like my parents I would have the option of free work.

  17. KirilsYag says:

    I got a chuckle out of this because it is exactly what I did 40 tears ago. My results were getting an incredible amount of? experience, having fun and making everyone I did work for rich. Unless you are lucky to be doing free work for people with honor and integrity, they will use you and not feel any obligation to pay you. I think Charlie’s advice is great for someone who wants to get on the fast track to starting their own business; anything else and you are always expendable and disposable.

  18. Dale Allen says:

    He kind of? looks like Chase from House (tv show)

  19. suemanley12011 says:

    The important message here is work on things that you are passionate about and with people who inspire you. I? do this daily as an entrepreneur. There is no other formula.

  20. Barbarian74 says:

    It depends on the engineering degree. Computer engineering? Yeah, you have a point. Civil Engineering? That hasn’t changed all that much? in the past century. Mechanical engineering? Same as civil (but to a lesser degree)

  21. justalover0123456789 says:

    Super Like…? ^_^

  22. Milton Mumfrey says:

    “Marketing genius?”?

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