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Technology vs Manufacturing [ Jobs ]

by tom44 on August 22, 2013

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Here is a thought I had and wanted to share this with all of you and get your thoughts on this as well.
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10 thoughts on “Technology vs Manufacturing [ Jobs ]

  1. junkyarddog47 says:

    I am respectfully requesting that you asked your you tube community to make the month of May “The Month of Sacrifice” In other word, live on as less a possible. ? Please help spread the word to every media outlet and every family in America. Let us live on less in May 2012 than we ever had in our entire adult life.? Can we get at least 1 million people. Than again in November 2012 we will go for 2 million people.

  2. TheThreeYs says:

    Hey there. I found this article to be informative. I’ve watched a few of your videos & you appear to be a reasonable man. Thanks for your effort. Cutting and pasting the data directly? gave repeated “Error try again” messages.

  3. TheThreeYs says:

    site whiskeyandgunpowder and? the article “china american financial colony or mercantilist predator”

  4. TheThreeYs says:

    Hey there.?

  5. fbda5555 says:

    If u lose jobs because of tech advancements it benefits us all. Ur simply spending less resources to get the same thing via advanced technology. It frees up? more time to now do other things which improves your lives.

  6. jaingxu says:

    I blame free trade globalization offshoring and outsourcing like Bob Chapman. Nafta, this was planned. I hear other countries tariff the crap out of US products, yet what do we do?….the opposite, we put zero tariffs on foreign made goods. The dollars don’t circulate in america, they go to china and don’t come back. More accurately the corporations? that outsourced to China. And on top of that we are going to raise taxes on companies/corporations/people that stay in the USA. DESTRUCTION

  7. westin1985 says:

    All the US has to do is make the economy friendly to manufacturing. That is not going to happen with the current people in govt. Even tech is being driven out of the US. Taxes will continue to go up. A person working in the US making good money will not be able to keep that money since govt taxes will be so high. A person might be able to keep 30% of? what they make.

  8. westin1985 says:

    Manufacturing was moved away from the USA as a tactic to crush it. Manufacturing was moved to china to build up that economy and make it stronger. China could not do it on its own. They made deals with the elites to bring tech to that country. The elites wanted access to china so they can build their control mechanisms into china. Now the elites have? infiltrated the Chinese govt by buying them off. The elites get richer as the economy is built up.

  9. westin1985 says:

    Manufacturing needs to be brought back to the lands of the USA. If that happens, then people have technical skills to run the equipment. They also have insight into developing new technology because they have worked around the current manufacturing tech. The ability to conceive and manufacture things is power. You can’t think up something then? have to go to china to make it and then they steal the idea from you because you have to give them all the secrets to make it.

  10. brown55061 says:

    I’ve been asking myself these same questions for the last year or so. Davinci has some input on this, as he used to do app development for iPhones. A? lot of small companies are operating in America doing nothing but app development. Obviously app developers make profit so we’re increasing profit, but it’s not the same as producing tangible goods like we use to. We’ll never compete in electronics again, until America is destroyed and people are willing to work for $5/day. Asia owns us!

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