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Technology Destroying Jobs

by tom44 on May 10, 2014

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Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur, a 60-minute film. Get it at:!steve-jobs-film/c1x1c This enlightening one-hour pr…
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27 thoughts on “Technology Destroying Jobs

  1. Thibault Serlet says:

    Lol WTF are you a moron????

  2. Keara Bynum says:
  3. Michael Campos says:

    #SteveJobs offers an interesting take on the legacy of his #art .

    I wonder if the art we produce in today’s era of #creative surplus (to
    play off of +Clay Shirky ‘s notion of cognitive surplus) will act like the
    sediments of a grander achievement, e.g. better-educated culture, more
    progressive society, global cooperation, as opposed to being recognized as
    achievements in their own right.

    Will our generation’s generous flow of art — words, pictures, films, music
    — be able to be appreciated in the traditional ways? Or has our creative
    output (the overall quality of which has inevitably been watered down by
    the sheer number of “average” or “below-average” results) changed the role
    of art? Has art’s goal remained the same, but changed in terms of the means
    by which it achieves them? Has its role transformed in any way?

    If so, we must reconsider the ways in which we recognize and appreciate

    Just some food for thought.

    Anyone want to weigh in??

  4. Mez says:

    In 50 years, the first iPad will be in the museum.?

  5. Kaki Tk says:

    in 50 years there will be no museoums… we gona go on cloning of ourselves
    and gene modificating… who will ever want museum or ipad… dang…?

  6. Damien Brick says:


  7. NunsAllowed says:

    In 50 Years I will still be trying to understand iCloud.?

  8. Ă–mer Faruk A?lamac? says:

    Comparing urself to da vinci now, huh? Very modest indeed man..?

  9. Ruben R. Samaniego says:

    I would normally agreed. However for Steve, it’s not true. The first
    generation iPod is in a museum. That’s appreciation of art, his Art.?

  10. Craig Bickerstaff says:

    I think it’s interesting that he’s partially wrong here, while the apple II
    and the macintosh etc have all become highly obsolete you can still find
    them for sale used in pretty good condition and they still fire up and work
    so you can see what it was like back then, in some cases you can even use
    them for work even though it’s a bit like writing a book with a typewriter,
    you can do it but it’s not the best way to do it. ?

  11. AlgerianPhoenix says:

    He just defined kleenex, thank you steve !?

  12. flightjam says:

    wowo so many people arguing on here in the comments. Why do you not just
    accept what Jobs said here and leave it at that. Its true, over time it
    will become obsolete and always replaced by something else.?

  13. Beni Daman says:


  14. Andrew Fenic says:

    Nice try but EVERYTHING Steve did will be remembered?

  15. Rakesh Prince says: – check this out guys?

  16. Sensei Whisky says:

    To all of you who think that Steve Jobs just “asked for a computer,” he was
    the one who started the Apple company, along with Steve Wozniak and that
    guy who made the first apple logo. Jobs and Wozniak made computers and
    built their way up to owning factories and an HQ. Jobs also kept the
    company going and gave, although harsh, motivation. Also, u know who made
    Pixar big and made it into a famous animated movie producer and maker of
    the first advanced animated movies (like Toy Story) ? Steve Jobs.?

  17. Randy Adamczyk says:

    Steve Jobs on his legacy?

  18. Daniela Mazzotta says:

    2 Y ?

  19. Zachary Wiles says:

    Very #insightful – I don’t recall ever hearing anyone point this out. ?

  20. Praful Bandre says:

    ~ Love the way he put his “answers in quotes” …. Steve! you are such an
    Immortal .. :)?

  21. Steve Da Internet says:

    Google+ *Steve Jobs Fan Community*:

    Previously unreleased video has been posted to YouTube of a 1994 interview
    with the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The video was released by the
    Silicon Valley Historical Association, and is part of a one-hour
    documentary the Association released on its Web site roughly six weeks ago.

    #stevejobs #interview

    Never seen before – Steve Jobs on his legacy (1994)?

  22. Ryan Mullins says:

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    across the country? Come out to LA Hacks, taking place in the PAULEY
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  23. Dimitrios Loghis says:

    This arrogant guy has made us to buy his iphone 800 usd and now is useless
    after 5 years?

  24. billthestinker says:

    Thanks for posting this?

  25. Jack King says:

    One of the most accurate things that Steve Jobs has ever talked about…
    the speed of obsolescence in technology. He predicted his own work (on
    Apple II’s) would be obsolete by the time he was 50.?

  26. Mike P. Louis says:


  27. Adam Brandeis says:

    What a guy… the world misses him for sure?

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