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Teaching in Memphis?

by tom44 on June 13, 2014

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Question by BGAviator: Teaching in Memphis?
My wife is a recent college grad with a degree in Middle Childhood education with concentration in Math and Social Studies…..I have been recently considering a job in Memphis and wanted to know from teachers what it’s like to teach in the Memphis area? I know the city schools are probably bad just like any other city schools, but what about surrounding neighborhoods in the suburbs? It seems like starting salary for teachers in Memphis is really good compared to other areas of the country. I’d appreciate any information! Thanks.

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Answer by Godsown
Oh yeah it is a quite under disciplined area, Memphis City Schools have a huge advertisement going on to recruit teachers. You are going to have to be very stern and very creative. I graduated from a Memphis City school six years ago and about to get my Masters in Elem. Ed. So, I would call them and explore other teachers’ experience directly. I think Memphis needs teachers who really CARE and seek to turn students mindsets around. Alot of the teachers are not very passionate about their job and do not teach their students what they really need to know. I believe they are doing a restructure of the school system. So if you are in it for the money, don’t even apply. They want compassion and they want teachers who are seeking to make a difference. Im telling you they have alot of teachers who don’t believe in any of that. Best wishes to you and if you are looking for a challenge, Memphis City Schools is your test…God Bless you!

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