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Surgical Technology – are there jobs and is the job stressful?

by tom44 on June 4, 2014

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Question by Nicole: Surgical Technology – are there jobs and is the job stressful?
I am considering going back to school since the career field I am in is slightly unstable and it’s hard to get a full-time job with benefits…so I am looking for an additional career PURELY for the fact that I want something stable (stable hours AND benefits) – and it needs to be a field which wouldn’t take long to be certified in. I thought about Rad. Tech, but apparently it’s impossible to get a job in that, so now I’m looking into Surgical Technology…are there jobs? Especially for new grads? Also, is the job hard/stressful? I do not want to take a year out of my life to be certified in a job that I will hate (I hear that surgeons and nurses just yell at you all the time since they are in stressful situations), so if this job is a lot of work for the low amount (I see it’s about $ 14-16 per hour in my area), then I will not waste my time.
Also, I’m going to just say flat out that I’m intellectual, so I really do not want to go to school with classmates who aren’t very intellectual. I know nursing is a good “quick” medical field since you have to have some sort of intelligence for that, but I’m wondering if the same holds true for Surgical Technology…?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Lisa, thank you for your input. As specified, I am looking for another career field which WOULDN’T take long to be certified in (1-2 years, though 1 year would be ideal). I am not looking to change my goals in life since I already have a Masters degree, I am just looking for stable income and a job w/ benefits.

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Answer by Lisa
The average salary for a surgical technician is supposedly just under $ 40,000 a year, which is pretty good considering you don’t need a 4-year degree.

It has a great job outlook so I’d think you would have a pretty easy time getting a job, but it depends on where you’re looking.

I’ve never been a surgical technician, but I’m sure it’s very stressful. Since you say you’re intellectual would you like a job as a medical researcher? I used to do that, it doesn’t pay that well and you would need a 4-year degree, but it’s not stressful and you use your brain a lot.

Best of luck to you!

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