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Surgical Technologist–Alisiha Mobley

by tom44 on August 13, 2013

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A video crew followed Alisiha Mobley through a shift as a Surgical Technologist at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center (at the time of recording, it was the… Search Beverage Sales jobs in Portland, Oregon. Find Portland Beverage Sales jobs, Bev…
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19 thoughts on “Surgical Technologist–Alisiha Mobley

  1. killerklowns84 says:

    I’m thinking about this field… but i would? just get to sweaty with all that stuff on. I sweat a lot already.

  2. chris9627 says:

    You’re working in the Charité Berlin?? I’m in Klinikum Großhadern Munich. Nice to meet a German colleague here.?

  3. chris9627 says:

    Part I
    I’m now almost 20 years Surgical Technologist in a very large university hospital in Munich/Germany and I find it very interesting to see the differences between Europe and the U.S. We for example use? cloth or fleece liners in our instruments containers. Also, the surgical hand disinfection differs.

  4. chris9627 says:

    Part II
    We wash hands thoroughly, dry it and then use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that shall be applied about 3 minutes. On the whole, however, we work pretty much the same. However, what I noticed you use always very fragile-looking instrument tables. Thank you for this very interesting video.?

  5. chris9627 says:

    Part III
    In the following video you can have a look at our work in Germany. The video? shows the training of Surgical Technologists in Germany (in this video especially the training of the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover = Hannover Medical School) –>

  6. sobefobik says:

    I’m just starting prerequisites to get into the? Surg Tech program. How do you know what instruments to set up for every surgery? Do you always use the same ones?

  7. ABATHlNGAPE says:

    Can someone tell me the difference from CST CERTIFICATE Program (1 year) as to a? CST ASSOCIATES DEGREE? PAY? Types of surgerys involved in? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Special Rabbit says:

    Don’t piss yourself, and? be patient.

  9. BenSeviyorumSeni says:

    right now I could not decide if I want to continue my education as a Dental Hygenist or become a? Surgical Technologist or Surgical First Assistant, your video helped me a lot to know what exactly surgical technologist do, thanks a lot

  10. surgeryfreak says:

    i am a german surgical technologist at europes biggest hospital.. it is pretty interesting to see how totally different my american collegues work.. !? let’s keep up the good work!!

  11. irockz6 says:

    Do you actually have to remember all the medical terminology and anatomy after school? Do you know how many or around how many instruments there is to remember? Sorry to bother you im just curious im starting? the Surgical Tech program soon and im sure ill go good in school but actually becoming one and forgetting the name of the instruments,med terms and anatomy is what makes me nervous!

  12. rbailon82 says:

    I would say the hard thing about the program is the dedication and staying focus throughtout the program. You will be spending many hours studying anatomy, medical terminology and a lot of instruments. For me the hard thing about going to clinicals is waking up at 3:30 every morning but is? worth it!! I feel fortunate that I get to stand next to a surgeon and perform surgery. Not anybody can do that. Hard work does pays off. Don’t be nervous, enjoy the process. If I can do it, you can do it too.

  13. irockz6 says:

    Im starting on my courses to become a Surgical Tech soon, im super nervous though !
    I have a question what if you forget? a few of the instruments name when the surgeon asks you to pass it to them or while your’re setting up the table how would that go?

  14. irockz6 says:

    Good luck! Was the process to where you? are now hard?

  15. Rebecca Merriweather says:

    i? am going to school to become a surgical technologist

  16. jables4ever says:

    The fact that a Surgical Technologist makes substantially less than an MD or even the circulating nurse has always bothered me.?

  17. ldlvjovenes says:

    Nice Video. I am a? ST & instructor. Good luck all

  18. carolyn walker says:

    who pays that let me know? lol

  19. Mike Mantel says:

    Has anyone heard of Star career academy? Thats were im looking to study to become a? surgical technologist

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