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sudgestions on finding a job & networking!?

by tom44 on June 2, 2013

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Question by Katell: sudgestions on finding a job & networking!?
Hello my fellow YAnswer crew. I need your help more than ever now. I need to find a job and fast and I think the best way to do that is networking. Im a medical assistant and I have 12+ years of assistant/secretarial duties. Im willimg to relocate. I’m reliable I’m mobile and I’m in Sacramento California. I lost my job in early March last year and I’ve been living with my parents ever since and now they are planning to kick me out. I’m scared I’m going to end up homeless I need your help please. any information and any lead will help me. Im desperste. Thank you.

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Answer by Drunky
Unfortunately you have been out of work for a year, which makes you part of the “long term unemployed.” You are also looking at a highly technical field, as you know from your own experience, and because of this your skills may be viewed as stagnant unless you have taken specific action to maintain continuity in your field. You should seek to network with search firms in your area that place in the medical field for temporary and on-call assignments to try to get your foot back in the door and some current experience so you can eventually migrate toward a permanent position. Best of luck in your search.


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