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Study Shows Well Paid Jobs Without 4-Year Degree

by tom44 on May 2, 2013

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No Experience Necessary

DAYTON — Good news for people who are looking for a job but may not have a four year college degree. A new study from Georgetown University shows 29 million…
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People / Canadian citizens should NOT “have to move” or “have to learn French” (a language that is only 4-6% of the population outside of the “province” of Q…
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2 thoughts on “Study Shows Well Paid Jobs Without 4-Year Degree

  1. edudyorlik says:

    The REAL? SADNESS is that she would even need to know French to be able to get a job in her own country which (if you don’t count Quebec, a province that has declared itself French ONLY) is 96% NON French.

  2. gtamateur says:

    Your ancestor? were french that is quite ironic

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