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Stone Cold Steve Austin Comments On Tna!!! & Vince didn’t know Austin would drink beer on RAW?

by tom44 on March 9, 2013

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Steve Austin talks about the WWE/TNA battle Last night’s RAW guest host, Stone Cold Steve Austin, recently appeared on Hardcore Sports Radio. When asked about WWE RAW and TNA Impact now facing off on Monday nights, he had this to say: “I don’t know if we’ll ever re-create that Nitro-Raw war. WCW kicked our ass for two years, then we smoked their ass and never looked back and put them out of business. “I wish the TNA people all the luck in the world because it means more of the boys have jobs and it gives fans an alternative. “I don’t think anyone will ever come close to really giving true competition to WWE because they’re so far ahead of the game, they’re rooted in their system, and they’re a winner. “I wish TNA all the luck in the world, but it’s a totally different product.” Stone Cold Steve Austin was on Loveline last night, promoting the release of Damage. He was on for the full 2 hours but he only discussed wrestling briefly. When a caller asked him about his experience hosting RAW this week he said that it was a little weird trying to do his character in a PG world and that Vince was unaware that Austin would be drinking beer in the ring (though Stone Cold didn’t know that until after he did it). Stone Cold participated in answering a number of odd “love” related questions but he did not discuss his personal life in any detail. I’m fairly certain that the show was broadcast live last night west of Colorado, but radio stations east of Colorado that air Loveline will

1/27/11 – John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government speaks to the Austin City Council about the Three E’s of Agenda 21, the Free Market, and how the Council is defying their own Agenda 21 influenced Vision Statement. The Council item discussed would take 1 million in grant monies to subsidize “job growth” along the smart growth and regional planning inspired Capital Metro Red Line. Note the use of the “Dale Carnegie Method” whereby John addresses the Council and Community by speaking in terms of their interests. Austin has severely bought in to the principles of Sustainable Development and the three E’s – Environment, Economy, and Equity. You can greatly influence those in favor of sustainable development by pointing out how the city’s own policies are in defiance of the Three E’s that the council purports to support. ITEM No. 19 “Approval of this action will authorize the Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office to apply for up to 00000 in Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) grant and up to 00000 in Section 108 Loan Guarantee Assistance from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to commence additional economic development within the Plaza Saltillo Transit Oriented Development District. The grants and loans will be used to create 209 jobs from local Saltillo businesses.”
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30 thoughts on “Stone Cold Steve Austin Comments On Tna!!! & Vince didn’t know Austin would drink beer on RAW?

  1. Vom Jamie says:

    shut up prick? tits

  2. flameboy229 says:


  3. Vom Jamie says:

    wwe its shit now its just about the kids and shit fuck wwe tna is getting better every? time i watch it

  4. snaikmgs25 says:

    oh shut up go preach some where else u sound so stupid. everybody knows wwf kicked wcw’s ass and thats what happened. u wanna talk statistics wcw from 99 to 01 wcw failed? in ratings miserably. go take ur stupid logic elsewhere

  5. AndrewsOpinion15 says:


  6. ElectrocityDiamond says:

    Stone? Cold should have react to Shark Boy :PP

  7. TRUE0UTLAW says:

    You are an idiot.?

  8. JokerXDHaHaHa says:

    Austin says that no one will ever challenge WWE again. In the 80’s it also looked? that way, and 10 years they had competion. I hope it doesn’t take that long again, but it can happen.

  9. jungle10ful says:

    Lesnar was way too new to win against austin at that time. His? character wasnt even close to be build-up. Brock needs to pay his dues just like everyone else in the bussiness. He didnt earned anything when he debuted. He just had the look.

  10. DanEvPro says:

    Actually Stone Cold’s contract is worth more? than most of the entire TNA roster.

  11. TheWordMercy82 says:

    Austin is totally ignorantly marking for WWE. WWE never put WCW out of business. AOL sold WCW because of the merger and thank goodness they are practically worthless now. Nitro will always? be the best wrestling show ever.Nitro / Thunder remained the highest rated programs on TNT/TBS, and WWE was slipping in ratings. AOL is a disgrace for what they did to WCW. All Steve Austin and the “attitude” era was just smut t.v.

  12. theraVen27 says:

    he says one thing but the fact is he left when it came crunch time.
    like i? said nothing wrong with lonching a fued by having a match.
    in the old school that’s how almost every storyline started.
    one guy wins a match the other guy wnats revenge.
    austins star power would have made him losing on raw a big deal.
    if lesnar lost it would just be all mighty autin doing the usual.

  13. SuperG Tellez says:

    He didn’t mind loosing to him. Austin has? mention time and time again, he wanted to work with Lesnar and build him up, but a Superstar of his Caliber during that time to lose on a monday night raw, which was originally the plan, was crazy. Call him selfish or w.e u want, but Austin vs Lesnar would have been a WM worthy match, or at very least Summer Slam like the Rock, and there were other reasons he left, not just that.

  14. theraVen27 says:

    him losing would have been the build up.
    a young gun like lesnar beating a fan favorite champion like? austin would have instantly been the number 1 storyline in wrestling.

    walking away because you don’t want to lose a make believe match to a guy half your age and just starting out when your knees are gone your neck is broke and your time is passed… austin was a bitch for that.

    say what u want and suckle the bald mans dick but he was a bitch for that.

  15. SuperG Tellez says:

    thats not betrayal. He didnt go sign with some other company, he just did not? like they way the creative team was making him look. The man earn that much to do what he wants to do or whatever he does not. He was not going to lose to Lesnar on Raw with no build up.

  16. theraVen27 says:

    was hogan? trying to take out wwf? is he trying to take out wwe now?
    look at what he did.. he raised pay for wrestlers around the world. he took wrestling to a new hight for the 3rd time in his career…then he left the company in rubble while he built a new house.
    tna isn’t looking any better.

  17. markis8437 says:

    Hell,? he may’ve walked out twice, because he thought the storyline was getting a little rushed, with no buildup, but Hogan left and kept WcW ahead of WWF, for 84 weeks straight. Now I know that it brought the Attitude Era and everything, but Hogan’s intentions, at that time, was to finish WWF. Haha…he failed. WWF came back strong and finished them. I guess he’s trying to do the same thing now with TNA…not working so well, is it? Austin > Hogan in terms of merchandise and loyalty.

  18. theraVen27 says:

    walking out on them mid show TWICE isn’t at all? betraying eh?
    funny how ppl forget how often austin just decided he didn’t want to do something and left…. yeah he’s so much better than hogan.

  19. markis8437 says:

    Oh hell no! Stone Cold would never go to TNA and I hope that never? happens! Stone Cold never betrade the WWE and prolly never will. It’s no surprise from Hogan, cause this is his 2nd time he’s done that. Stone Cold is loyal and was the savior of WWE. Fuck You, Hogan.

    Stone Cold>TNA

  20. willfucker says:

    TNA should? have signed Steve Austin instead of Hogan and Bischoff; Austin and Flair can draw bigger pops with their mic skills than Hogan ever can; FUCK YOU HOGAN.

  21. MRMONDAYNIGHT2006 says:

    read? description please

  22. MattOuellette88 says:

    Ehh, he wished them luck but I think you took it a step further. He doesn’t want WWE to end up like WCW. He was more so wishing TNA luck because it’s just? good for wrestling to have more than one club,

  23. dany281092 says:

    he said he doubts they wont beat them it but he wishes tna luck to? beat them

  24. Woodrow Voluntaryist says:

    People better wake up! Under Agenda 21, the world population is to be reduced to 500,000 million or less!?

  25. Lizardway says:

    It kills me that the caring and correct person is a citizen standing up telling the truth and the council people are not the caring/correct ones. We as a people are doomed if we continue down the path our? government is taking us.

  26. fdoeppen says:

    John? Bush is my hero!

  27. breezyvibe says:

    HELL? YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. blogbat says:

    Another? corrupt city council. Common sense always ruin$ their day.

  29. slewofdamascus says:

    They must hate you – an informed member of the citizenry butting his nose into complicated “planning” where it doesn’t really belong (from their perspective), throwing a wrench into the spokes of “progress” (aka “agenda 21”) – I hope Texans love you, and I hope you like to teach, because what Texas needs is another dozen just like you. Keep up? the pressure – they hate that.

  30. taxisgay12 says:

    You kick? ass!

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