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Steve Jobs: “Who wants a stylus?” – Apple – Steve Jobs at Macworld 2007 in San Francisco

by tom44 on August 9, 2012

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Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone at “Macword 2007” in San Francisco, but he doesn’t like the stylus…
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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever MacBook Pro with Intel inside.
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50 thoughts on “Steve Jobs: “Who wants a stylus?” – Apple – Steve Jobs at Macworld 2007 in San Francisco

  1. thegordonakelly says:

    We’re not born? with 10 fingers!

  2. ThreeTwoOneBoom says:


  3. MrSanjeezy says:

    the latest version of android makes? the stylus and the whole interface more responsive. neither the iphone nor the Gnote are bad. they are for different people. i own both

  4. mmarsbarr says:

    Apple will? probably apply for a patent for live wallpaper and call it something totally unimaginative like iWallpaper…oh no wait..but who wants live wallpaper?? yyyyuuuck!

  5. orbitaldildo says:

    I don’t know what that guy is saying but he’s running a live wallpaper in the background lol not much of? a test.. Also its not ICS.

  6. SpinkeDK says:

    Cant post our video :-/ Search exact these words and go to 1.16 and look forward.

    Soooooo fucking slow ! Search? this -> “Samsung Galaxy Note – se testen”

    I have all phones and im not an Apple Fan boy. But Apple beats the crap out of that stinky phone (note)

  7. SpinkeDK says:

    You have NO clue what you’re talking? about.

  8. orbitaldildo says:

    In most tests I’ve looked at the note won. Maybe? you should stop making things up.

  9. AndroideReview says:

    i h8 apple, but jobs’s perfect at? this shows <3

  10. SpinkeDK says:

    If you have it you must? notice… And im not the only one thinking it’s SUPER slow. Every test on the net says the same. Its monster slow… Only plus is… Battery life. But anything else stinks.

  11. orbitaldildo says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s barely any lag. After using the note id never use an iPhone for browsing the web again its just ridiculous. Also the battery life on the iPhone is terrible… people in my office are? always asking for spare iPhone rechargers :/ It was cool 3 years ago but things have moved on.

  12. Skippy Thorson says:

    Apple filed the patent in 2010, under the direction of Jobs, you uneducated YouTube trolling dick.?

  13. SpinkeDK says:

    I have a Galaxy Note… It’s SUPER slow – when you draw with the stylus it lacks and the reaction is always half to a second behind :-/ … So whats to love ? IT STINKS !

    I have a Nokia Lumia 900 also… Works PERFECTLY – And I have a iPhone 4S – Same. Works perfectly. Android is for those who doenst need speed or things that match together. It’s? slow and imperfect.

  14. jonnymarkbeadle says:

    @mmarsbarr The patent you’re referring to was filed in 2010,? when Jobs was very much alive.

  15. orbitaldildo says:

    Gotta love my Galaxy Note.? iPhone is so outdated and behind.

  16. mmarsbarr says:

    steve blow jobs is rolling in? his grave right now because apple have just applied for a patent for a stylus….

  17. HadarMilner says:

    Heh. Every person on the face of this planet who actually wants to use his ipad for anything productive wants a stylus and probably uses one.

    Samsung could’ve made a killing with a penabled tablet(Note 10.1? Yoohoo!)…too bad the huge galaxy note success is less relevant than damn? spec war with Apple.

  18. YouWouldWonder says:

    oh look at how many third party stylus are on the market for ipad and iphone. who wants a stylus??

  19. pcmarriotthk says:

    YHAAAC! haha?

  20. timbolicous says:

    He? was WRONG.

  21. PigsArseifyYou says:

    the finger is designed to grip. prolonged tapping on? screens will destroy them. for that, i want a stylus

  22. JeroSystems says:

    lol you died… also, with the Galaxy note I get to chose which pointing? device I want to use you stupid newfag

  23. iraqiusx says:

    i want one too , to stick it up ur A#@?

  24. UnderlinedDesigns says:

    I thought we? had 8 fingers?

  25. homer3721 says:


  26. toasterbread75 says:

    phil is also the? SVP of marketing

  27. 86123maxxi says:

    @Genixel That’s why Cook is not presenting and Phil does the product launches instead. He’s got a? lot of prior experience; iMac G5 launch, Snow Leopard and 3GS launch and this years MacBook Pro and Air updates

  28. thegoodguy253 says:

    80? gb only and taking $1999 WTF???

  29. aryatololHTF says:

    What a great memory…. where X1600 is still a fast graphic card at that time 😀 and the price is even almost the same of Retina MacBook Pro’s price today 😀 ?

  30. gtaconcasagrande says:

    My dad is still using his 15 inch macbook pro early 2006 and he is so happy with one? GB of ram lol!

  31. platinumchefindia says:

    it was crazy for the time… mainstream pcs didn’t get cameras until? 2008 because they (first) saw the macbook pro, had to scramble to get a supplier, and figure out how to get it working out of the box with drivers. shows at times how far ahead apple really is…

  32. liambates2 says:

    Watching on? mbp

  33. Namburi aditya sairam says:

    ????????miss u Steve?????????????

  34. pandamatak says:

    It’s cool how? the iPhone 4 has better specs than this.

    Apple knows what’s up.

  35. chictyler says:

    Actually, the Core Duo is 32-bit (and dual core). That’s why it? can’t run Lion, which is entirely 64-bit.

  36. ty2 says:

    I really want my front row back.? I was disappointed when they removed that from the apps in the operating system

  37. youbeat2008 says:

    Maybe they planned it, but? didn’t ship it.

  38. plzdonhack says:

    look macbook pro retina display is out . All started by him.If one day we have the technology? to bring people back to life,i will bring Steve back 🙁

  39. ZombiezAwww says:

    There was a 1.67 Ghz Core Duo processor in the MacBook Pro. Go check everymac .com?

  40. FixedHDD says:

    Steve had a mistake in that presentation. There was never a model featuring a 1,67 Ghz CPU. It started at 1,83 Ghz and? the other model was 2 Ghz and 2,16 Ghz (as far as Mactracker told me)

  41. lestert03 says:

    Watched on my ipod?

  42. AznTakumi says:

    we were so excited about having a? web camera..

  43. TheGangstaMartin says:

    Siri, can you bring Steve come alive?? – No, Martin. I wish? I could. I miss you Daddy!

  44. iphone3gtutsntweaks says:

    Watched on my G5.?

  45. japanruben says:

    Watching? this on my iPad :3

  46. 123Christianx says:


  47. stuffmaster1000 says:

    I ?? Steve Jobs :'(

  48. jaymitra95 says:

    Rest in Peace?

  49. Owen Cumberland says:

    Rest in peace? Steve Jobs… life to the Macs 🙁

  50. Bobtroppo123 says:


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