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Steve Jobs Macworld 1998 Keynote (Part 3)

by tom44 on November 13, 2012

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Macworld 98 New York

Dr. Woody talks with host Contessa Brewer about how to turn a temp job into an opportunity for full-time employment.
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25 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Macworld 1998 Keynote (Part 3)

  1. sdlkfjhhdfjg says:


  2. Glenn Jimenez says:

    was the “competition” an? IBM?

  3. FilmandTVMaker says:

    im on it… i like it.. i hate firefox, and google is the enemy. IE? dont exist on mac anymore. and it looks like safari wont exist on pc anymore too.

  4. Daniel Chaves says:

    i´m wrong or? steve jobs just said that he likes IE omg I´m GOING TO SHOOT MYSELF

  5. ilikewebm says:

    IE was ever garbage, not just today?

  6. Vincecouk says:

    I love how Jobs was talking up Internet Explorer. I wonder if at the back? of his mind he was thinking how soon he could begin canning some of the MS software in favour of Apple-engineered equivalents.

  7. bmehilos says:

    Celery? Processor. Thats fucking classic.

    Say what you want about Steve but he was a hell of a fucking showman.

  8. batezippi says:

    @d1995a3 I’ve always hated IE ever since 4.0.. So I used Firefox and then Chrome.. However, I recently tried IE 9.0 on my Windows 7 64bit and I must say that? it runs great! When you wrote this comment, probably IE7 was out and it sucked..

  9. jdoo2100 says:

    they brought dvd video to mac back in 98 and now they should bring bring blu ray!!! ?

  10. jakedizzle says:

    Back when Netzero was cool.?

  11. jakedizzle says:

    I don’t even use Mac products but I love? watching these old keynote speeches.

  12. youownart says:

    Youownart present Steve jobs turned the? world faster ,Acrylic painting 102cm H *152cm W

  13. kyral210 says:

    Steve Jobs: I Use IE and I Like? It…

  14. rifall says:

    it was always garbage.?

  15. steelmesh says:

    56k? applaud…that was awesome back in the day using free dialup worked with ROTT online

  16. bobrobapex says:

    A mere? 13 years ago, the audience was jazzed about a 56kb modem being included. WOW.

  17. lkhfrank says:

    He is brilliant.?

  18. SudiArabia says:

    32mb ram?

    If Jobs had known? that I would have 18gb DDR3 on my XPS desktop he would probably have just dropped dead.

  19. mellowman1001 says:

    Horrible,? horrible puck mouse

  20. letterphase says:

    if those had dvd back then,? why don’t todays macs come with bluray, then have been out longer than dvds were in ’98.

  21. Shahrez Zahid says:

    R.I.P steve…:( You will be missed? greatly!

  22. MegaCellProductions says:

    Celeron…? Epic…

  23. hyperthreaded says:

    WOOHOOO a 56k modem!! The? 90s just ruled, lol.

  24. TheNubbbler says:

    DVD? What is a… DVD??

  25. p13t3rm says:

    @7:12? 56 KB MODEM! HOLY SHIT!!!!

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