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Steve Jobs Macworld 1998 Keynote (Part 1)

by tom44 on September 5, 2012

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Macworld 98 New York
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I’ve had a million odd jobs. This series is an account of those that I had while I lived in New York City. *************** Other places to find me: IMDB: Blog: Website Twitter
Video Rating: 5 / 5
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38 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Macworld 1998 Keynote (Part 1)

  1. 022390kyle says:

    what a sad? video 🙁

  2. darijoe says:

    It’s worth watching? the first 55 seconds just for the awesome guitar music.

  3. maskaryan says:

    fuck? your mom

  4. Karthik K says:

    MISS YOU STEVE! ;-(?

  5. Scorpiowned777 says:

    No, he made all that storage just for a digital version of himself that’s why they have two facilities one for us one for him. ? Just kidding it would be cool though!

  6. millsathn says:

    so I can download? him?

  7. 0Kyron0 says:

    learn? english. umad

  8. chen chao says:

    1955-2011 sigh???

  9. TheArfdog says:

    naw but? ufaggot lol

  10. 0Kyron0 says:

    they actually? are, you just cant afford it umad.

  11. TheArfdog says:

    Where is it? Not here yet. So? who cares.

  12. DxnielGrxnjx says:

    Skip the boring part and go? to 6:35 for Steve Jobs’ speech.

  13. millsathn says:

    arghhhh,? why did you die!!

  14. firmclock says:

    fuck mack/apple.? windows 4? life

  15. 0Kyron0 says:

    Funny thing that. Pcs are now being made? in japan to be “super Hd” meaning there life quality. 4280×2080

  16. arminferizovic1234 says:

    well this is?? how i got $10-$25 Itune Codes and ill share with you guys :DDD
    (requires ipod touch,iphone, or ipad)
    1.Download an app called JunoWallet
    2.Put in bonus? code MJ271061
    3.Make a profile in settings
    4.Watch some videos / install 3 apps
    5.Go to redeem section
    6.Look for Itunes credits
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  17. ilikevines says:

    steve was a? genius marketer.

  18. GriffinRulesdotcom says:

    240p, we meet again… this must have been? rendered on a PC!

  19. MrJakie says:

    FUCK? Cancer!

  20. jean-gobert de coster says:

    I’m looking for footage from the 1998 San Francisco MWE keynote (the one where Jobs made his first “one more thing”) Does anybody know if there is such a thing? Couldn’t? find it on youtube

  21. pseudo20 says:

    Steve Jobs

    ( 1955 – 2011 )

    Apple Hierarchy of Skepticism.?

  22. youownart says:

    Youownart present Steve jobs turned the world faster ,Acrylic? painting 102cm H *152cm W

  23. Destroyer19941995 says:


  24. Dan Collins says:

    this was filmed with? an ISHIT

  25. WhiteRayne2 says:

    Didn’t know you could take film with a toaster.?

  26. TourLeFarce says:

    I didn’t receive solatium. I’m gone. Done! It was just a waste of time and who knows, the next one might have no idea about anything and because of that, can really enjoy this job as part of her or his life. When it comes to “finding,” once I passed away,instead of dancing for money due to the need of paying annoying bills,I will finally focus on embracing life as,let’s say,a proud member of the AFAA for example (But I am sure I’ll get reincarnated as a lobster? instead tough)

  27. pete275 says:

    I know, I? think I found your channel from a “producer” credit at some other youtube video 🙂 that’s why I asked about the “job” of making videos

  28. SargentChanning says:

    Hang in there. Find what? you love, and do that. It’ll all converge, sometime.

  29. SargentChanning says:

    Allow me to clarify – I work for a production company, so making? weird youtube videos actually is my day job, and on top of that, I write and perform my own stuff, and in other people’s stuff. It never ends.

  30. TourLeFarce says:

    I hate my job so much. I’ll quit. I can work 9-5 or 7-9 .. this doesn’t matter at all. It should just be at least a little bit or somewhat ok and not just plain annoying. But sure .. it’s just me .. as usual .. I am the problem .. everything is fine. All the other folks look bored at the place but that is just my reception .. the? truth is that they are excited .. so .. I better don’t say a word and just quit .. anyway .. looking forward to your next episode

  31. SargentChanning says:

    Yep, they think of? everything, those candle people.

  32. SargentChanning says:

    That’s right – la da dee la dee da . . .?

  33. SargentChanning says:

    Thank you for watching!?

  34. SargentChanning says:

    Essentially, yes. Producing, writing, performing, editing. It’s all full-time. More like? 9 – 9, actually.

  35. pete275 says:

    wait isn’t your job? making like weird youtube videos now? that’s 9 to 5 too?

  36. rossy927 says:

    A 9-5 is perfect when youre doing something you LOVE. you being the natural writer you are is the reason why doing the? “copy” work was enjoyable. Thanx for the video Channing.

  37. TourLeFarce says:

    Nine to five really does sound so horribly inglorious and inspectacular but, yeah, do think twice. Straight to the rainbow! La da dee? la dee da.

  38. abitofskirt says:

    Rainforest scented candles!?

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