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Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer; Apple Store SF Memorial

by tom44 on March 16, 2014

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No Experience Necessary Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer. Apple Store San Franci…
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16 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer; Apple Store SF Memorial

  1. Craig Dukes says:

    TrollMCTrollinMAKKY, You’re hilarious! I love how you unsuccessfully
    attempt to put words in my mouth. I didn’t even say the word Muslim.
    Muslim’s had their religion hijacked on 9/11 and they are in general
    peaceful people. Saying, “You people” is prejudice. Who are you referring
    to? Israel controls the world? Come on dude! That’s ridiculous! Israel
    can’t even control all their wars. China & the US have more control over
    the world. Israel is evil? Places aren’t evil but some people are.

  2. anne91276 says:

    @TrollMCTrollinMAKKY You are evil and a slovenly hack. Stop trolling Steve
    Jobs and leave the Jewish people alone. Get it???

  3. tanio12 says:

    Also when i see his interviews he still was bothered about being fired but
    oh but revenge was a mutha. LOL he came back and kicked everybody’s butt
    out and kept those that were loyal to him, GREAT POWER MOVE,

  4. MadDogMeh says:

    @TrollMCTrollinMAKKY I’m pretty sure you don’t like 98% of the products you
    use. You clearly have no education and if you do have the slightest
    knowledge in your pea-sized brain you would realize what a business means.
    EVERYONE DOES THIS! All products are Chinese made and slave labor is Highly
    illegal, no one in China would accept that nor would the world. And I’m
    sure your redneck ways of plastic and cheap materials is enough, you can’t
    see quality even when its right up against your face.

  5. Craig Dukes says:

    TrollMCTrollinMAKKY, Don’t forget Israel, Bethlehem is the birthplace of
    Christ. By the way, I dare you to refer to a room full of black people as,
    “you people!” LOL! Sorry to all of you who came here to remember Steve but
    sometimes people say things you have to comment back on. I have 3 videos
    from the Steve Jobs memorial at the San Francisco Apple Store, check them
    out by clicking on my LVB1770 profile. RIP Steve!

  6. tanio12 says:

    RIP Steve you are the best.

  7. jaymeez says:

    RIP you will be missed…..

  8. Claudia C says:

    @RxMinus and so?

  9. Andre Reihani says:

    @RxMinus You made me laugh a LOT with that.

  10. ziminaiman says:

    Where’s Derek Stiles when you need him?

  11. anne91276 says:

    @TrollMCTrollinMAKKY just quit trolling in here……… Leave Steve Jobs

  12. RxMinus says:

    You can tell this mofucka been crying.

  13. A Liberty Lovin' Lad says:

    @TrollMCTrollinMAKKY You sir, are an asshole. My you be plagued with a
    deadly disease and suffer a slow painful death.

  14. Craig Dukes says:

    TrollMCTrollinMAKKY, I usually don’t reply to comments like yours but it
    made think of something regarding 9/11. Most jewish people who worked at
    the World Trade Center were told to stay home and not come to work on 9/11.
    This is well documented by witnesses who worked there but the media will
    NEVER cover it. It is like all the other facts that don’t add up regarding
    9/11. Look up Engineers and Architects for 911 truth if you don’t think
    something is wrong with 9/11! Anyway, RIP Steve!

  15. tishtashtishtash says:

    @RxMinus red eyes do not necessarily mean tears

  16. MadDogMeh says:

    @TrollMCTrollinMAKKY Its not ignorance dumbass, its called showing respect
    for someone who changed the way we lived. That statements been overused and
    for good reason! Without him, IBM would still have a basic OS, Bill Gates
    wouldn’t be who he is, you wouldn’t be using a computer, YouTube wouldn’t
    exist, we would still be carrying around briefcases as cell phones, and if
    you say “Someone else would of done it..” Yea, eventually they would, and
    we people would do the same. So grow a pair and STFU

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