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Steve Jobs and NeXT

by tom44 on November 10, 2012

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Biography of the creation of NeXT, the Apple we know today.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Steve Jobs in 2003 at D1 the First D All Things Digital Conference (Enhanced Quality)
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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48 thoughts on “Steve Jobs and NeXT

  1. ahmedzs1 says:

    100% syrian?

  2. Cooltown1335 says:


  3. Dewan Alam says:

    Watch? the steve jobs documentary at…rest in peace steve! you will forever be remembered by us!

  4. asdfmove123456789 says:

    Rip? Steve Jobs

  5. asdfmove123456789 says:

    Apple was made? before NeXT

  6. TechnologyChip says:

    NeXT was a great journey that led to Apple’s revival! Thanks? Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. MysticalMastodon says:

    This is philosophy from a college student. It took just 10 minutes to tear down your insulting opinion. What you’ve done is look? at the phrase on the surface and see that people are inspired. Your 2ยข view can and is being told by Android kids everyday. Do something for yourself: inform yourself.

    I’m a writer, and think different has affected me.

    When everyone says you’re wrong, you really dissect what you believe than when everyone agrees with you. So easy.

  8. MysticalMastodon says:

    You could say that Steve was driven by money looking? at the prices, but that’s counterintuitive. If any Apple product was driven by monetary gains, Apple would have lowered the prices to make their technology more affordable. What’s more beneficial to making money one computer for $2,000 for 6-7 key price-points ranging from $600-$1,700? Dell is making more money from their computers than Apple. Clearly, if Apple hasn’t changed, they’re not motivated solely by making money.

  9. MysticalMastodon says:

    Buddhism isn’t a religion, you’re right. Buddhism is more akin to a cult. Interesting that people accused Steve of being a cult-leader, no? Steve may have had a following, but only because he inspired so many people. The idea that being so inspirational is a bad? thing is just disgusting. People without talent need to stick to making that money because people who are driven to make money aren’t enjoying their lives.

  10. MysticalMastodon says:

    So you must not find inspiration in other people and their actions. Do you? find math to be useful? I’m not talking basic math, that is useful–I’m talking about higher level Geometry, Algebra, do you find this to be useful? Many would say it isn’t useful. This is what the “Think different” phrase is.

    See, many people don’t see the meaning behind the phrase. Many see the phrase without understanding it or the man it came from. Steve’s faith was in his company and man.

  11. thattechnologygeek says:

    I’m a true tech geek and you inspire me every single day. You taught me to think different and follow my heart. My heart says technology, but not any technology,? Apple Technology:) iThank You Steve.
    -The Technology Geek:)

  12. rsharma95 says:

    WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM AT 16:20 ..? ?..:D..

  13. MikeLawrence101 says:

    Steve jobs had? a mad mullet!

  14. wasified says:

    I can’t afford his products..but when the man talks I? listen!!

  15. TheXV22 says:

    I miss this? motherfucker..

  16. JosDewey says:

    It’s not a fail, never seen a video tape? before I guess.

  17. gotSomething2say says:

    Inspiring words, Steve Jobs
    “You can plan something in the world and it will grow and change the? world ever so slightly. “

  18. hatebadmusic says:

    “FAIL” and “EPIC” in the same comment? You win!?

  19. eatcarpet says:

    “Reality? Distortion”.

  20. themangodess says:

    “Even Jobs didn’t know this machine would be be used for that purpose? by Tim Lee.”

    You say that like it’s surprising.

  21. NewYorkPixels says:

    The? FAIL on the intro is EPIC!

  22. loose809 says:

    Watching this on my new ipad 3? ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. terbernt says:

    Most valuable is when he said:? the world doesn’t really care? It cares about what we produce? Words to live by.

  24. rmshifthotlap says:

    12:12 He lied

  25. Penryn87 says:

    You can watch this and kind of realize how the foundation of the iPad was? being laid out in steve’s mind.

  26. Jack Reilly says:

    It’s refreshing having an interview with jobs without that horrible women in it.?

  27. HasanHTube says:

    He didn’t have any clothes, but jeans and this black t-shirt!?

  28. toyzm says:

    Not clever but secretive. Jobs tried to shift focus to iPod? and avoid discussing future technology. Walter seemed to know that.

  29. syncman2x says:

    No belt; trade mark of the 24/7? entrepreneur

  30. Pgaither84 says:

    @8:45 “It turns out people? want keyboards”

    iPhone presentation “We got rid of the physical keyboard.” He was right we want it, but we only want it when we want it. The rest of the time it can disappear.

  31. Pgaither84 says:

    At the 7min mark? they talk about “Tablets and cell phones.” @7:20 Steve Jobs says – “At this time we have no plans for a tablet.” lol.

  32. TalesOfWar says:

    People seem to forget that Woz has had nothing to do with Apple other than getting a cheque every month or whatever for the last 20 years. He left to do his own thing around the time of the original Macintosh and has really had no real input since. He even says as much himself when asked. People just seem to idolise him (for good reason), but he? isn’t nearly as influential as people sometimes give him credit for. Not since the very early days at least.

  33. TalesOfWar says:

    The thing is, at the time he says this stuff, he’s actually accurate lol, he just? tends to over exaggerate the time frame between when it will be possible lol. He knew this stuff too because he had it all in a lab being tested, it became far more obvious what he was on about later on when these kind of things saw the light of day.

  34. rkukentertainment says:

    I love how at 26? minutes it almost turned in to an Apple keynote ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. segr3do says:

    Woz is a tech guy…people like him because he seems to be a really great person,? but Jobs was definitely a visionary… That’s why Apple IS STEVE JOBS and not WOZ.

  36. Gregsynthbootlegs says:

    Because? he was fit and healthy here! By 2010, he lost tons of weight (cancer, treatment, diet, etc), and his voice became weaker and thinner-sounding!

  37. Edvinas Kilbauskas says:

    I love how he says that it would be imposible to download music with? iPod even with fast internet connection… And just look now, iPod touch with itunes, and safari in which you can download any song you want with few clicks ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. dotcomGone says:

    You’re 100% right about that. Watching this video now, he set up all the pins? then knocked them down!

  39. MIT2004 says:

    duh its physics 101. just like when you talk up a bad stock and say buy buy bc its a good deal while you know damn well its not so you sell before it crashes?

  40. brunoccs says:

    I? mean tablets!!!

  41. brunoccs says:

    I’m glad he changed? his mind about tables!!!

  42. vahnfish says:

    steve was? buisness

  43. TheBeresford7 says:

    how different is steves voice look at this video and then go? watch the D8 conference…

  44. TheBeresford7 says:

    WOZ definitly dosent have enough credit in this world if you look it up wozniak actually built the first computers phisically and steve was? just a designer

  45. z400racer37 says:


  46. notuptome says:

    What he was meaning was at that time the current Tablets that course be? the Tablet Pc that ran full windows XP and such and you know what he was right it failed the Tablet Pc failed then and currently now until well we get windows 8 winRT tablets but what makes the the iPad so good is it does not run a full blown desktop OS it runs iOs that is tailored experience

  47. SquirrelGott says:

    You mean like the? ASUS slate… it’s easily possible to make a powerful tablet able to handle 3ds max (and other 3d software), adobe software etc. the question is if there is a market for it. There is, there are just a few more refinements needed in OLED and battery technology. In the next couple years it will be commonplace.

  48. mubd1234 says:

    I think he was referring to tablets running desktop computer software.?

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