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Steve DeAngelo’s 4:20 Declaration at Seattle HempFest 2012

by tom44 on September 14, 2012

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Lifelong activist, medical cannabis leader, visionary, Harborside Health Center co-founder and executive director Steve DeAngelo remembers going to his first Hemp Fest, many years ago with his good friend, Jack Herer. Since that time, the festival has grown to become the largest street festival on the West Coast, with attendees measuring in the hundreds of thousands. Medical cannabis laws have passed in 17 states, with many more likely to come in the next year or two. “From New Jersey to here in Washington, from Michigan all the way down to Colorado,” says DeAngelo, “patients no longer have to negotiate the perils of the underground market. They don’t have to worry about getting shortchanged, they don’t have to worry about having a gun or a knife stuck in their ribs, they don’t have to worry about getting contaminated medicine.” Thankfully, patients now have the ability to visit well-regulated, safe, compassionate access points to get their medicine. The medical cannabis industry has also created tens of thousands of well-paying jobs all across the country, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues for our communities. “All of these are good things,” says Steve. “But our guardians of public safety up there in the Department of Justice, our US attorneys, don’t think these things are good. These prosecutors all across the country, even now–just last week in the eastern district of Washington State, the US attorneys sent out four letters threatening to
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12 thoughts on “Steve DeAngelo’s 4:20 Declaration at Seattle HempFest 2012

  1. bobknobification says:

    lets keep the swearing for the? playground!

  2. WeAskThePeople says:

    who is the FOOL , HHC turns over 20 mil..
    why ,,? because there? is a huge demand ..
    LEGALISE so I can grow my own..
    Oh wait I already do.. !

  3. m21fire says:


  4. HoloholoGirl08 says:

    I’m not sure what HHC did to you to deserve such vitriol, but they do help tens of thousands of patients, provide jobs for? a ton more patients (including many of my friends and family) and spend a great amount of time and resources for the entire medical cannabis movement on furthering the right to safe access for medicine. What good have you done lately?

  5. norcalibayarea408 says:


  6. norcalibayarea408 says:

    Go FUCK yourself faggot.I AM? a patient at both HHC locations.They charge high prices fo total scwag.And don’t get me started on the morons that work there TRYING to pretend they know about cannabis.

  7. neludie4ever says:

    GO fuck yourself, YOU CARE about patients? No,? so shut the f… up and learn some more about HHC before talking any shhhhhhit

  8. Drew Grow says:

    The people at HHC are true crusaders, I know how the feds work.If the owners were indicted on federal charges they would most likely be stuck in prison until the end of their trial. That is because the feds rarely let anyone bond out awaiting trial. The judge simply labels you a “flight risk”…You may be innocent until proven guilty but you are not going anywhere 🙁 ?

  9. big99grind says:

    Lets fight cancer with Cannabis? !!!

  10. a4nak8r says:

    What an ignorant comment.?

  11. norcalibayarea408 says:

    You don’t? care for patients,you care for the money more.FUCK HHC

  12. norcalibayarea408 says:

    Why is my? comment gone,wow.Fuck HHC

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