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Starting over near Minneapolis?

by tom44 on May 20, 2014

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Question by foxhound669: Starting over near Minneapolis?
I a 30yo/M/Duluth. A buddy finally convinced to to move down to a suburb by the twin cities.I do have a somewhat positive work history and will have a place to stay but no job lined up. I have a few challenges to overcome such as what will I do for income in which having a criminal background will make it harder to find a decent job. I need to find places to socialize, so far I found AA and another group. Also If I choose schooling what kinda of career could I find that would overlook my past. Minneapolis is honestly bigger than anywhere else I lived so any ideas to help me get ahead in the area would be helpful, social groups, employment, schools etc.. Thanks:-)

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Answer by Punk Rock and Minerals
get a job lined up before doing anything

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