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SOPA Act Aides Land Jobs On K Street

by tom44 on November 6, 2012

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Two top aides to the House Judiciary committee who worked on the SOPA Act have moved onto new jobs Lobbying for Hollywood on K Street. Cenk Uygur talks about the revolving door in Washington DC and the signal this sends to the rest of our government. Subscribe to The Young Turks: The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter:
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25 thoughts on “SOPA Act Aides Land Jobs On K Street

  1. masaminokeitaihaaaaa says:


  2. mizumiuzkijeheooe says:


  3. hjajafoiafijwkskdjse says:


  4. masaminokeitaihaaaaa says:


  5. ?? ?????? says:


  6. Rik Speek says:

    SOPA wouldn’t only screw over the? US citizens. It’d screw over the entire world.
    Fuck SOPA!

  7. Ryan9145X says:

    Okay, I’m making another donation to Wolf-PAC. But I really think TYT is an invaluable thing in today’s society. We have so very few people in the media who will actually be honest with us and tell us the truth about what is going on in politics today. Cenk cuts through the Orwellian double-speak and let’s us know, in simple language, how? they’re screwing us. You can see why Congress would want to shut down the internet. It’s the last bastion of free speech and a free press in America.

  8. sithxnew says:

    We should run over to? France, get a couple guillotines, and execute all the senators and representatives that voted for it.

  9. AJXR227 says:

    thank christ for the young turks. love you? nigguhs

  10. jakeandskylerfilms says:

    if they shut down facebook somones getting? shot

  11. 216Jon says:

    Did you know that the sponsor of the bill, Lamar Smith, actually has a Twitter account? He also has a Facebook account as well.? Google these two.

  12. HDdevil4iPhone says:

    I guess if your content was slightly compelling, it would be stolen, and you’d get to experience your God given talents being ripped off. The subtext of the Internet thus far is Internet=free stuff, times are changing my friend. Of course let’s not forget the more? common methods od enfi

  13. ageshero says:

    Some? people might take that wrong lol

  14. RapsAlive says:

    Support? Ron Paul.
    Less government spending, less taxation to American Citizens, a budget? plan that works.

    This man has? been fighting for your personal freedom and the separation of congress from big business for years. He stands against draconian bills like SOPA, NDAA and the Patriot Act.

    He has fought against the war on drugs, the foreign wars, and corporate bail outs.

    Vote for liberty this year. Vote for real change.

    Thumb up and spread the message!

  15. utube2344 says:

    Thats why they should be killed.?

  16. 11cyanide111 says:

    wwIII 2012?

  17. ExistentialEccentric says:

    Haha,? sorry I read SOPA Aides Hand Jobs on K Street

  18. newsradiohead says:

    These people aren’t even trying to hide their corruption? anymore. They’re flaunting it in our faces.

  19. paulcoonan says:

    Which brings the point that our government will only do what we the people allow them to do. Our government has been pushing our tolerance levels to see how far we will let them go, for decades. It just happens to be that things are finally reaching the tipping point, as? they hide, marginalize, attack, and try to destroy any opposition, by means of new laws that give Gestapo powers. We must all have our eyes wide open in anything they do now because there’s always an ulterior motive.

  20. nate1000man says:

    feels like? it

  21. BluePantsProductions says:

    If? the act gets passed, the world may end in 2012.

  22. BowJew says:

    I think this would be addressing sites which link to pirated movies and tv. The language might be too broad, but a lot of sites exist in legal limbo by only providing links, not hosting pirated content. There should be some heavy? revisions to this law, but I get where they are coming from.

  23. Viratic says:

    with the way our country is going don’t be surprised if saying that lobbying should be illegal will have you indefinitely detained for “DOMESTIC ECONOMIC TERRORISM? AND CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE”.

  24. miltonw says:

    nice? shitstorm is coming .

  25. leon4000 says:

    Thing is people would be for this bill, but don’t know a thing about piracy than they think they know, nor even bother with what the internet could bring as an alternative. I’m still giving those guys a call. Have you call your representatives and Congressman yet??

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